• I believe Windows Phone 8 is better.

    Unless you are a computer genius, android is terrible in terms of usability for the average consumer. Microsoft has a much more developed ecosystem- cloud, tablets, computers, consoles, phones, etch and is generally easier to work. I have had experience with both operating systems, and although android is a whole lot better than ios, I still think Windows Phone takes the bait for me.

  • It is awkward to see any usual Android user to switch over Windows mobile..

    A User friendly interface, customisable launcher, so many apps, so many oppurtunities to intervene in rooted Android device..And yes why not Android market store has special place for every user..No task has been invented till date which cant be done in Android OS..But there are lot more opportunities while in the territory of Android OS...Secondly, Android gets even better with each day...So I deny your statement..

  • Android is a stronger platform and Windows 8 has very little developer support at the moment

    Androids Apps have more functionality than on Windows Phone and iOS, because the Android platform is very strong and integrates many of the different areas of the phone together.

    There is also very little support by developers for Windows Phone, meaning that you won't find as many apps as on Android, and so your Windows phone won't be able to do as much as Android for a long while.

    Android often gets a bad wrap for performance or security, but the most recent versions of Android have addressed these issues significantly.

  • Android is more customizable

    Some people find it as a good thing (me included) that Android can be changed almost from the ground up but some people find Windows Phone's simplicity as its main selling point (again, me included). I like WP8's design and the Windows 8/8.1 interface but since I'm a person who likes to tweak my devices to my liking, Android is my preferred OS of choice. The other game changer is usage. A lot of people use Android more than Windows Phone. Although a lot of the apps that most people use are starting to be in Windows Phone, its just not enough. I would love to have a Windows Phone but if its my money and my first smartphone, its going to have to be Android.

  • My two year old operates my Galaxy 4s perfectly.

    This says I need a minimum of 50 words, but in reality the title says it all. Windows 8 phone is so disjointed. On my android I can click on an address on a web page and it opens up Google navigation seamlessly. Turn by Turn directions on WP8 is next to impossible to work with.

    Pin a contact to your home screen; given that the contacts tile rotates images, how the hell do you differentiate between the two?

    And who still thinks one super long scrolling screen is a great way to organize the things you use most?

    On windows phone, if you want to disable connections so that your kids can play angry birds without purchasing content, it takes several clicks. Android, pull down the tray and click it off.

    WP8 also suffers from the same problem that IOS does... 1 experience for everyone.

    Posted by: Dubs

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