• NO WAY Jose

    Look, let's look at it this way:
    Macs are easy to use and amazing at what they can do. But- they can't do much.
    Windows can do a lot more than Mac, but are buggy, badly made and crash every hour causing you to have to restart all.

  • Yes, they are. And that's the truth.

    MORE OPTIONS. MORE CUSTOMIZABILITY. MORE DEV SUPPORT. MORE PATCHES. MORE SOFTWARE/APPS. MORE EVERYTHING. Windows is better for these few reasons and many more. For example, better at gaming. This is because of better hardware and software which allows your game to look great and play great. It also features controller support.

  • Yes! Of Course!

    This is from a debate that I participated in earlier today: (written by me)

    Over the course of this debate I will be sticking to 3 major contentions.
    Mac - Any x86-Based (to exclude mobile devices) computing device created by apple
    PC - Any Non-GSM (to exclude mobile devices) capable devices, that are not embedded devices, that have unlocked bootloaders, that are not created by apple.

    Regardless of poor wording, the intent of the above is to exclude all phones, and tablets (with locked bootloaders) as well as embedded devices.

    But first in addition to the aforementioned definitions I will be providing "assumptions" that I propose simply for the purpose of argument.

    The first is that the targeted audience that we are speaking of, in terms of "superiority, is the low-high-end user, low being Chromebooks or other UMPC's such as the Nokia N900 or the raspberry pi, the high end being enthusiast PC's with latest generation i7's and SLI/Crossfire, that is made from parts. In addition to that audience, I assume we are also targeting the server audience, from the low-end to the enterprise-end user. Low end, being a home DNS server running on a raspberry pi, High end being whole floors filled with racks of high-end servers, used to serve thousands-millions-billions of customers/consumers around the world.

    For fairness to my opponent, I will assume that a "hackintosh" PC does not count as a "Mac" or as a "PC" and is irrelevant to this argument. In response I ask that the equivalent, Linux on a Mac, does not count as a "Mac" or a "pc" and is just as irrelevant. Seeing as both are "exploits/(I hate to use this word but...)hacks"

    Now on to my contentions.

    My first contention is that PC's are a better value than Macs.
    See my first piece of evidence:
    And my second:
    As is clear, for the even LESS than the Mac I, I got a PC that was FAR superior in power to that Mac, packaged with 680 bags of cookies, (my favorite cookies too :D ), 7,200 pop tarts, 1,450 bags of hot cheetos, 2250 bags of lays, and 1300 bags of regular cheetos. I believe my point has been made.

    My second contention is that PC's are more freedom-respecting, than macs.

    Macs, are locked down. On a Mac, I cannot access the EFI. My inability to access the EFI leads to:

    My inability to overclock my CPU.

    My inability to change the boot order of a mac.

    My inability to boot from a live cd/usb/removable storage.

    My inability to ... (the following are inabilites related to RAID
    Put my computer in Raid 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 0+1 and pretty much every other minor raid level except for the major
    levels, 0 and 1, and the minor JBOD raid.

    Unfortunately, I can't post the whole thing as I'm out of words but:

  • Power users vs Standard users

    Better I don't know, but for sure the more versatile computer is on the Windows PC, Macs are often used by the less technology savvy persons. The same goes for iPad vs Android. Also some big players are not available for Mac (ESRI arcgis for one). If you need full control choose a Windows PC if you just want internet browsing and e-mail, you'll be fine with a Mac.

    Posted by: Piet
  • Believe that it is.

    Windows may be buggy sometimes, but it is well designed and easy to use. It offers a user-friendly environment for you to work in, and is compatible with more applications than Mac OS. Windows is improving, and even the disgusting blue screen has become extinct with the release of Windows 8. Apart from non-frequent system errors and crashes, Windows can run any program just as well as Mac, and that is further determined by hardware installations, not OS.
    You can almost always find an electronic that Apple has made its own version of, which I have nothing against. However, think about the cliff-hanging price that their products our sold at. Even if Apple makes unique products, a Mac computer definitely does not hold three times worth an everyday Windows computer. If you think about it, three Windows computers can be bought throughout spaces of time, keeping you up to date with the latest computers, anyway.
    Viruses and fast processing speeds? First of all, the reason a Mac computer is less vulnerable to a virus is because hackers know that more people use PCs than Macs, not because Mac computers are better defended. I hardly doubt Apple has the potential of dominating the computer market. A myth is that Windows is better with running games, but Mac is faster overall: What a joke, like I said, that is dependent on hardware.
    Macs do not have a better design compared to a PC. Look at what's for sale. There are all in one touch screen PCs, and ultrabooks can be easily judged for their powerful processing power. Retina display factor? Useless. I'd buy a 27" 3D monitor. Not only is Windows superior in the form of entertainment, but why would you want to use Mac OS to create graphs, documents, or to pay taxes? I have a PC-Mac emulator installed on my hard drive, but I used it and found that it was a useless OS with a terrible interface.
    Apple founded GUI. I'll give it credit for that, but I was dumbfounded when I found out that Apple infringed Microsoft copyright for including overlapping windows for Windows 2.0. You can't hold a full monopoly, and you'll have to suck up some competition. If you think that Apple created the way Siri works from scratch, you're wrong. If you think Apple thought of introducing the iPad before tablets, you're wrong. Apple copies products as well, and they infringe the companies that they think might've stolen their idea copyright, for ridiculous reasons.
    Windows may be lined with endless files of coded bits of programming, including DOS menus. Macs have those too, but they appear less frequently, and are harder to access. But if a programmer wanted to work with further details within a Macintosh program, they would still have to put up with those kinds of garbage. You could deem the two even, but I will always remain with Windows, which is trusted as a companion.

  • It's a matter of preference

    I have access to Windows Vista, 7 and 8 computers and yes, sometimes they have crashed a few times, but never have they crashed to the extent that they don't work when you turn them back on. But it's not a battle of reliability or performance, it's a matter of opinion, an you can keep your opinion to yourself.

  • Macs are kids toys

    Macs are kids toys. Simply pretty white things for pretty rich people. It's disgusting, really, how people can allow themselves to be subject to the evil deception of Apple Inc. They are just weeding out money from people and selling them crap products that have to be replaced after a few years. If you want to repair and restore the hard drive, that'll be $300. If you want 4 more gigs of ram, that'll be $200. Not like they're already having you pay $1300 for a mediocre machine.

  • Software and programs.

    Most software and programs created by leading companies are often incompatible with Mac operating systems. Price is also a big issue as people who want good, quality computers and who are on a tight budget. This often pushes them into buying lower quality things by force simply because they do not have the money to purchase something of better quality.

  • Windows computers are better, cost less, and are more fun.

    Windows are not as expensive, and they can be customized and are easier to use.
    Also, they are better for gaming. The list goes on.
    But credit where it's do: Macs are really good for editing, but a PC that has really good specs for gaming costs around 700£. A Mac with these specs would cost around 2000£.

  • Consistency is superior

    Microsoft does a better job designing, building and maintaining software. The development tools are superb and the progressive investment into programming languages and OS are far beyond what Apple does.

    Apple uses Objective-C and their OS is a rehash of old 1960s student projects (Unix).

    Apple is a products company and although Steve Jobs went on and on about 'design' this was only physical design, software design (95%+ of what's actually inside) was never given much priority.

  • Windows computers are not better than mac

    I think that mac can win to windows a trillion times better.

    First of all, Speed- as 10000000000000000 times as fast as the windows. And by the way, us macs have a great facility to have internet, macs can support a lot of Giga bytes than Windows.

    Second, Design- Mac's comfortables designs made a better future. I remind you, that Mac created the mouse, and as usual, windows copies it. Mac created the first computer with a screen, windows copied it. Mac's software is way better than the windows.

    Third, Safeness, macs are invulnerable by viruses, meaning no person could enter a virus, plus we don't need anti-viruses programs to protect, we are already protected.

    Now, you say that since mac is new, most of the people buy windows. Maybe mac is more expensive, but is worthy. People say things and have opinions, but definitely don't know about computer, i studied HTML5, DELPHI6, and much more, and i think Mac is way better.

    They say that most applications are developed for windows, well, that soon will change. Now, they are developing more and more applications that relate with mac and windows. Usually mac runs faster, so is a lot simpler.

    Mac is an easier way and I have a prediction that soon the world will change, and none windows will be. I see a world where there is advanced internet speed, oh, but there it is, expensive but worth every penny!

  • Derp topic is derp.

    Since Windows don't make computers (it's the name of Microsoft's operating system) and Macs do, yes.

    Having said that, you'd be hard pressed to find a single hardware component exclusive to Mac, since they outsource hardware from other companies (26% of components of the iPhone are made by Samsung, lol).

    If anyone wants to challenge me to a debate along the lines of "OSX is superior to Windows" or "iMacs are superior to Toshiba" feel free to send the challenge.

  • Depends.

    Office computers need to be windows for compatibility, but fit the stuff I do a Mac is superior. It's easier to use, are resistant to viruses, and superior graphics. So office -> windows. Everything else -> Mac. If Mac cut prices, they would skyrocket and become compatible enough and beat windows in their last domain, offices.

  • Horrible development environment

    I have attempted to create a command line program in windows visual c++. And guess what? It's not ANSI standard! That means that the windows libraries and functions are off and have to be relearnt if you want to use them.

    Plus, the Mac is a unix based OS, meaning it is built from the ground up around development. Macs are superior to creativity.

    Price point: no. Pc's are only slightly cheaper because they use low quality parts that dont last very long, whereas apple uses very high quality silicone and metal. The other thig about the price point is that it's often a comparison of a really cheap netbook and a MacBook pro. However, when the ultrabooks came out, which are the only other comparison benchmark for the macs thinness and metal (in some cases) the price is actually the same. So macs are better than Pc's

  • No viruses allowed!

    The reason Apple is so good, is because Apple has a better firewall/protection system that fights viruses and trojans. It will detect anything out of the ordinary and if something is detected, then it notifies you. If it doesn't notify you, then you know that; either you don't have any viruses, or you have a virus that has ALREADY taken over you Mac.

  • It depends on what you need.

    Macs are superior for most, if not all, artistic needs. All adobe software runs much better on a mac, and the display screens show everything much more clearly. The metal case of the laptop makes it last much longer than the plastic casing of most PC's - while the two PC's I've owned lasted ~8 or 9 months max, because they came back and forth to school with me in my backpack, and were thrown about unintentionally, EVEN WITH a protective case the plastic outside layer began to crack and fall apart. Not to mention, Dell in particular has gone way down in quality the past few years. Whir still own a Dell Laptop from many years ago, the Inspirion I owned, and one my friend owned, both fell apart into an unusable state within a year.
    So far, I've owned my mack for 16 months and have had no issues whatsoever. A HUGE step up from before, when I would have multiple issues with my PC.
    DESKTOP PC's are much better for gaming, however - so when I live on my own, I'll be getting a very expensive, very nice PC for that. As an artist, my Mac is serving me much better.

  • In Your Dream

    Mac OS is most stable, reliable and secure operating system, almost 10 years never had any BSOD like (screen freeze). Another reason is good quality of hardware. Last but not least is beautiful hardware, if I may say who can compete with MacBook family or iMac design and build quality? Anyone?

  • Mac computers are better

    I have had experience with both and I think Macs are better than windows. I think if the price of Macs went down then Macs will quickly take over Windows. For one, Macs are much faster, have superior quality to imaging, and superior virus protection than Windows.

  • No

    Macs are quick reliable, and user friendly. They get less viruses so there they are better than windows. There are alot of short cuts that you can use so it makes it easier to get around. Mac help is also very nice and effective. Good things do come at a high price thought.

  • not really

    I've been programming computers for 30 years, from mainframe to pc to iphones. I can only say, from a development perspective, Mac wins easily. As a consultant I'm often forced to develop on win/pc. First thing I do is install cygwin and other tools to try to bring sanity to that world. The main reason I like them is because I can keep my Mac running for 6 months straight and not haven any issue. I don't have to regedit or mess with frikin DLL's. The nix security model works and is easy to understand. Bash shell is superior. The seamless command line experience working on nix servers. It's no contest for me and I'll add I know quite a few others who agree with me. THe only downside is cost (but it was OPM for me).

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Quan says2013-06-10T13:32:40.163
Windows and Mac OS X are operating systems, not computers. And Windows is better by virtue of being a more open platform. Linux distributions are even better still for the same reason, but lack the developer support needed to be a functional replacement for Windows for me.
nikita200 says2014-04-30T15:23:21.923
Windows is better than mac