• I love wolves -w-

    Wolves are swift, Intelligent, Caring predators. They help human beings carry medicine, As Balto did, Food, And other items. They are real, Not a fairy tale like dragons are, And the amazing thing about that is you can actually see them, Unlike dragons, As like I said, They are imaginary.

  • Yeah! They're awesome!

    Wolves are the most magnificent animals in North America. They’re beautiful, intelligent, strong, swift and unsurpassed as a predator of game of all sizes. They are my overall favorite animal because of this, although my favorite mythical creature is a dragon, and my favorite domesticated animal is the cat. So, wolves are more awesome than dragons.

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ADreamOfLiberty says2014-03-04T06:55:11.337
Not really a fair question, since you can attribute all sorts of things to dragons but are constrained by reality for wolves.

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