• If equal means of the same value and deserving the same human rights...

    Of course men and women are equal. They are both fully human, and both dependent on each other. Women are not more dependent on men then men are on women.

    If you mean "the same in every aspect", then no. They have, on average, the same amount of brain power, and the same intelligence. However, no one can deny the most obvious physical differences, as well as a few mental ones. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, but they have equal value, ingenuity, and usefulness.

    Even if you define "unequal" as being "physically or mentally stronger or weaker", there is more variations within a gender than between the genders.

  • Potential is there

    In the long run we're gonna end up in the same place anyway. Let us die gloriously fighting alongside each other than squabble over these petty questions.

    We can mold our society to value certain traits, so the social excuse is really a matter of perspective than any real measurement of equality.

    Genetically or biologically are men and women equal? No.
    Genetically or biologically are men and other men equal. No.
    Women and other women? No.
    Are men always stronger than women? No.
    Are women always stronger than men? No.

    Can we manipulate humanity over hundreds of thousands of years so that women of a certain tribe are always stronger than men? I think it's possible. It certainly exists in other species. i.e. Hyenas, Blue Wales, Great White Sharks, etc.

    Potentially, all yous lot could be great.... Or sorrow laden lot with an inclination for infighting and pissing contests. ^^ Wow. I am in a mood. Prob cause of what I'm seeing with the percentages.

  • Women have long been degraded in society. I want to know what their strengths are over men.

    I know for a fact that women have bigger and more understanding hearts than men. Men are physically stronger. Women are more intuitive than men. But this is all I have. I frequently get posts telling me that men are more intelligent and in many cases it is true. I just want to establish for once and for all that women are equals to men.

  • People are socialized into gender roles

    Women and men are socialized into gender roles.

    Consider this experiment when teenagers were asked to throw "like a girl," they slackened their arms and weakly threw the ball. However, children at a younger age threw the ball the same way when they were asked to throw the ball like a girl or a boy.

    This experiment attests to the theory that we are expected by society to perform a certain way, and we fulfil this expectations. Your biological sex does not necessarily determine the gender you identify with either. There is much speak about transgendered individuals in the study of gender politics.

    Of course SkywalkersPen is correct in saying that historically there is a gap in woman leadership. This is due to a phenomenon called sexism. You see, historically women were not legally considered citizens or adults, they were not legally allowed to for example own property or vote. ....I.E. Using history as an example for why women are inferior is probably not the best support to this argument.

    Applestoapples, self-value comes from yourself, if you love yourself and believe in yourself, it doesn't matter what anyone else tells you. Actually, you can feel sorry for men as well, as they are also held captive in our society. People tell them they're not allowed to cry, that they aren't as "Nurturing" as women. But actually I don't believe that being caring is a "weak" trait, just as I don't believe being a woman is weak. We, women and men are all equal in the most important of ways, we are all human.

    (BTW, watch zefrank on youtube talk about humans)


  • Depends on what you mean by equal

    Both men and woman have advantages and disadvantages. Each advantage can match up to the opposite gender's advantage. Men and Woman can not exist without one another. The stereotypes often dominate people's thoughts, but lets say there was a man and a woman who had equal strength, speed, knowledge.. Etc, and the only thing different about them was the things that make them men and woman. Would one some how dominate over the other? No.

  • Men use violence as their weapons. Women use their cleavage as their weapon.

    People may say that men are more powerful than women by looking at biology and seeing how the male body is just naturally bigger and more threatening than a females. This i believe and is true, if a man and a woman were to fight, i would place my bets on the man winning the fight using violence.

    However, in this day and age conflict is not solved with a fight to the death, or even just a push or a shove. That was the past, now is the present and due to how our society is, violence is now not the key to success. If someone wanted money, normally they would have just entered a trade conflict, or gain money through expansion which involved physical fighting. Nowadays, the best way to get money is to get a good job, as average normal people are treated better therefore getting a lot more opportunities for success, like starting a business or joining a business.

    Now what women can do is manipulate men's natural desire for sex by seducing them into a relationship, then getting their money and running off and do that again. Or just settling with a man with a stable living and never work in your life and have a life full of short-term pleasure.

    Now men can do this, but not as well as women, just as a woman can attack a man but not as well. Therefore, both women and men have weapons at disposal allowing them to have an apparent "successful" and "good" life. The male's were the alphas in the past, now it's the females time for dominance. A world ruled by Dominatrix's.

  • Yes but no

    Women and men have the equal rights. Sometimes things happen in which does not show equality. For example women in the old days were not allowed to vote and men were. But now days we usually have equality but I am just talking about North and South American and Canada but in other places sometimes women do not have much power which I think is bullshit.

  • We are equal in value.

    Men and women are not exactly the same, we have numerous significant differences. But, we are both absolutely necessary to the advancement of society, and our general differences shouldn't overshadow our true potential. Neither of us are going anywhere, we both have valuable abilities to offer, and thus both should be equally respected and appreciated.

  • In the west, yes

    While there is a small wage gap of 2-3% (its unclear if this is actually due to discrimination) women are generally equal to men and men to women. Small issues are still active for women, but are mainly social ones, and we cant really just flip a switch an change how society works. Issues exist for men as well as women. For this reason i think equality has been achieved in the west. However in the east there is obvious inequality that is very real and very traumatic for women. I have often thought feminists have been trying to bleed a rock in the west. I feel they should focus their efforts in the east.

  • It is physical impossible for men and women to be equal

    There is no way for everybody to be equal. Does this mean that men are better than women or that women are better than men? No. It just means that everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. If we're talking in general women are smarter than guys because their brains have developed more but men have more muscle than women. If no two people are equal in every aspect, how can two different genders?

  • Unfortunately not equal.

    I love women for their nurturing qualities. None of us would be here if it weren't for woman! But I only see them as inferior to men in most cases. Historically and physically are the main ones that come to mind. The future will most likely change this but I don't think that women will ever be on the same exact pedestal as men.

    That girl Mone Davis that played in the Little League World Series got so much publicity for being the only girl in the tournament. The fact that she got all of that publicity just shows the inequality of the genders. If we were equal, then a boy playing in an all-girls sporting event would get the same publicity. Let me tell you that right now: it will never happen.

  • Not just biologically...

    Men and women are biologically and mentally different, that's not a bad thing though because opposite attracts. I wish I could say they are socially equal, but the fact is this can't apply to every society or country. In some countries, it is even a virtue that a wife shouldn't question here husband in every aspect. So... They are not equal.

  • Women have the advantage now!

    It used to be that men were running everything and were allowed to be men whereas women had to stay home and be housewives etc. and then after that women won their right to equality, which is a good thing really, but now women are now higher up in society and are running things while men have to dial down their attitude and behaviour plus if a woman says something bad about someone because they are male it is considered okay but if a man does even the slightest thing to offend women it is extremely sexist and they get in a lot of trouble for it, so no men and woman are not equal. Woman can do what they like but if men try to be men they put down and punished for it.

  • Not in all aspects

    I never saw women and men the same in all aspects. In some aspects, sure we can equate. But when I comes to physical competition more often than not men are usually stronger ( not to say some women can be stronger than men, I'm sure there are many examples) than women. If that upsets you than you should also accept the concept of a male going into a female sport and playing or the other way around. Both males and females have different mental states and biological properties that make us vastly different. Is that a bad thing? Heck no! People are different and that's that.

  • No according to biology

    According to biology human vary by gender example being men are stronger faster as they were hunters women are emotional compassionate and flexible due to their roles back then, neither is better however equal means the same so no we are not the same according to basic human biology .

  • I'm not equal with my wife, and we like it that way

    For example, if I had been in Aurora CO in the Batman movie, I would have jumped in front of her to protect her. I would have felt it my duty to protect her. She is ok with this, and yes we have discussed it so I'm not putting words in her mouth. I have yet to hear of an instance where an event like this occurred and all the women jumped up to protect their men.

    She is never required to put the toilet seat back up. This is also ok. There are numerous funny stories about women training their husbands in (often) frivolous ways to meet their needs and preferences. Fewer are the references that the men train their wives to, for example, put their socks in the hamper when they take them off.

    I treat my wife preferentially in almost everything. I feel that's the way it should be. Her clothing budget dwarfs mine, at least in part because it is more important to her to look nice. I open the door for her sometimes to show her that I love her and care for her, not because she can't do it herself. My children know that Mommy is in charge of everyone, including Daddy, and knowing that Daddy has to obey "the Rules" has been good for their development.

    She's not a tyrant, and we work out differences between us. THERE ARE DIFFERENCES!!! I don't see how people can say that men and women are the same, but perhaps that is just because I hold women in higher regard.

  • They're not equal!

    Physically and scientifically, they're different, but equal. However, how can two genders be equal if we are intolerant enough to make one gender superior.

    If you don't have the permission to be equal, or have the same rights as someone else, then you can't be equal to them. As said previously, a girl who plays in a boys league gets attention but a boy who plays in a girls league gets beat.

    This is because society made women weaker physically even if they aren't, so as I said....How can two genders be equal if we don't give them equal rights.

  • Have to say no

    Men and women are equally different. In some things women are better, in some - men. All talks about equality are meaningless, cause men and women have different abilities. Yes, they are offered equal possibilities, but in the end result is the same - women are less likely to be employed in construction, and men are less likely to be employed to represent a face of some company

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