• First of all

    First of all islam doesnt provoke such violent ugly behaviors and secondly sure women are being treated differently around the world, but so are men, when one brings up sexist the men are afraid of saying something because it would seem that they really are against women. That there is wrong too, the fight for women was about 50 years ago still there are women saying that they want to be equal, well god made us different for a reason, there is a reason why he sent man down as a messenger not once did he send a female down.And so my question to you is who knows more you or god?

  • One standard, one set of rules

    So as long as either gender seeks anything but equality there won't be one. Sex objects, glass ceiling, to special treatment in courts, relaxed military standards etc, it goes both ways. I only answered Yes so it would be easier to see this answer. Are women and men equal...In theory yes. But neither side wants to be equal, and I dare say women do not want to be. With equality, comes the burden of responsability, I do not see females lining up for dangerous jobs any time soon. And neither do I see a crapload of men at the social security office repenting for ditching their unborn child or turning themselves in for domestic abuse

    Posted by: N711
  • They never will be...

    Physically and mentally men and women are different. It is for this reason they will never truly be equal, in any society. This isn't a bad thing, and its not to say one is better or worse. This is evident in the animal kingdom, different functions, not equal. How can a women treat a man the same as a women when his logic, hormones, chemical and physicality are completely different.

  • Women viewed as sex objects

    I believe that women and men are not equal in our society. (I interpreted 'society' as in 'the whole world,' but you can interpret it however you want.) If you look at places in Asia, there are still programs such as human trafficking. In Cambodia (or somewhere in Asia), there are these sex hotels that prostitute women and even young girls. In Japan, there are clubs called Host Club (males) and Hostess Clubs (females) where men and women sell off their bodies for money. Another example is that I saw this article awhile ago where in a middle eastern area, this man raped this unmarried woman, but the woman couldn't tell anyone about since the court would press charges on her instead of the man. Why? It's because of the religion this place practices, Islam. The Bible they read, which is interpreted by men, is basically their law. And so, following the law, this woman was at fault since she was the one who "seduced" the man. How crazy is that? Women are nothing , but sex objects to men. Everything is the women's fault, isn't it?

  • No they aren't and for good reason.

    Men and Women aren't comparable just as two sexes from any species aren't. Men and Women are different from each other and if we'd all embrace that then we'd be better off in the U.S.. I honestly don't care what happens in other Countries...They have their plight as I have mine. But here in the U.S. the movement for equality is a misguided one, trying to make Men and Women equal is going to crush chivalry. How likely is it that a Woman will be able to find a Man who will hold a door open for her, hold her when she's scared or upset, care for her, provide for her, give her everything she needs when society is breeding the idea that Women are no different that Men. If my Wife were equal to me, when she cried I would be irritated because I would see no logical reason for crying. If she expected me to provide for her I would be justified in being offended, as an equal she should contribute exactly the same as I do. If she expected me to hold the door for her then I would accuse her of having an elitist attitude...Because no one holds the door for me. Chivalry is an important aspect of a Man's life and affects Women just as much. Want a strong Man? You won't find one when we're all equal. You want a confident Man who can provide for a Family? You won't find one when we're all equal. You want a tough Man who won't back down when the odds are gloomy? You can forget about that because society is doing a great job at crushing that idea. You want your Man to be ambitious? Well we don't encourage competition anymore, everyone's a winner in society today and there is no first place...Effectively eliminating the need to win and crushing the desire to be better. There's no need to be better at anything if there's no chance for victory. Sit back and watch it all deteriorate further and further, meanwhile the complaints will stack up against Men in our society and everyone will shrug their shoulders and wonder what happened.

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Juris says2014-01-14T04:13:39.077
It depends on what aspect of equality you are refering. Is it physical, social, or what? Of course if it's about physical, no doubt, men are superior to women. In social, it's hard to tell as sometimes society favors men over women or vice versa, with respect to employment and among other things. But the bottomline, everyone should be equal before the law even if it is not what's happening.