• Yes they are

    Women are better drivers than men. In general, women are better drivers than men. Men are more aggressive and they are more likely to make dangerous moves when driving. Men have higher rates of exhibit road rage. Also, men have been known to have a higher incidence of drunk driving than women. Women are more conservative and cautious drivers.

  • Women are better ok.

    I'm 16 years old and I can drive better than most of my male friends, including my cousins and my dad. Men are so much more aggressive than females. A good driver is someone who is safe and males are most defiantly not safe that's why they're insurance is higher.

  • Women are better drivers than men.

    In general, women are better drivers than men. Men are more aggressive and they are more likely to make dangerous moves when driving. Men have higher rates of exhibit road rage. Also, men have been known to have a higher incidence of drunk driving than women. Women are more conservative and cautious drivers.

  • Yes, because they are more humble.

    Women and men are probably equal in terms of driving skill, but women are more humble and that makes them more clear eyed when they drive. They will often not be tailgating and they will stop and ask for directions if they need them, making them more adept at getting where they need to go.

  • Women are better at driving

    Women are more careful when driving, Men tend to be more aggressive. 70% of serious car crashes are linked to men. Women are just better (sorry boys). There have been a lot of researches done to prove that this is true. Men like to be more competitive on the road also.

  • NO! Women are not better in terms of driving compared to men.

    Women tend to have thousands of thoughts running in their mind ; what to cook or maybe some other issue. When taken this into consideration, they are in hurry to reach their homes and hence, they may met with an accident. Moreover, if someone is in favour of women then please do answer my question; why there are no women driving bus in schools, why there are only men?

  • Women are better drivers than men

    Men will never be able to drive as good as women they cant parallel park whereas women just do it thats obvious men are so bad on the road girls can definatly reverse better and definatly react better I think it's important that every bloke needs to learn how to drive by a woman do there lessons and then do there test by a female

  • Women tend to be better drivers then men

    *male drivers are significantly more likely to cause accidents than female drivers are

    * A New York City traffic study that generally shows 80% of all serious pedestrian accidents were caused by male drivers

    *New York Times quotes a respondent who cites motherly instincts as being a major advantage that women have over men

    *The University of Bradford study suggests that estrogen tends to give women much longer attention spans than men.

    *According to the same study above, women have a much better ability to learn rules than men do. This fact is also attributed to the hormone estrogen, and could explain why female drivers tend to be cited for far fewer traffic violations than men.

    *women tend to break fewer traffic laws than their male counterparts

    *While buckling a seatbelt isn’t necessarily a sure sign of driving prowess, it does indicate a more conscientious approach to operating a motor vehicle. Several studies, including the one from SADD* (Students Against Drunk Driving) notes that about 12.5% of male students admit to rarely or never using seatbelts. That’s compared with about 7.8% of female students.

  • The evidence base is overwhelming, which is why there is now a trend towards preferential insurance premiums for women.

    The cause is not so much innate ability as learned behaviour. Typically women have lower spatial awareness but greater all-round situational awareness than men and are better at anticipating others' actions - these traits more or less cancel each other out. But a far higher proportion of men drive like dickheads, whilst most women are more careful. Naturally, there are extremes and wide variations on both sides.

  • Hell no, women aren’t better drivers than men.

    Hell no, women aren’t better drivers than men. Women aren’t better drivers than teenagers
    during their first driving lesson. A lot
    of times when I see bad accidents, there was a woman involved. One time I saw a woman come to a complete
    stop in the middle of the freeway, and then mysteriously start driving again a
    few seconds later.

  • Women are terrible drivers

    Women are not very good at driving, which is why men do most of the driving, and why even some nations have banned women from driving altogether. Women simply cannot handle the high stress and danger that is on the highways and freeways, and should keep away from the wheel at all times.

  • Women Not Better Drivers Than Men, Both are Terrible

    No, women are not better drivers than men as in my personal experiences, both men and women tend to be terrible drivers. In the area I live, I observe both women and men being terrible at driving every day. Is it a coincidence that this is because the area in which I live has very lax driving requirements? I think not.

  • Very few women are good drivers, most suck.

    As quoted directly from CTV News in Montreal

    "After studying years worth of traffic data, researchers at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh determined that men are more than twice as likely to die in a car crash as women. Although men drive more than women do (approximately 60 per cent more, on average) their risk of a serious crash is still higher on a per-mile basis. Researchers found that women took shorter trips than men, and had a higher number of minor accidents. But men are 70 per cent more likely to be involved a serious crash."

    So while men are more likely to be involved in a fatal accident, women cause on average MUCH more accidents. This article also explains how men are better at parking and often perform better overall on the road than women.

    Insurance companies are also starting to realize this and many women are getting higher premiums because of it. Also, in North America while the average man drives more KM/year than women, women make up more of the actual drivers on the road.

  • Women are fucking shit at driving

    Women are not better drivers than men. Isn't it obvious that women aren't even on formula 1 and women can not even drive straight they also have a very slow reaction time then men. Women are only saying that they are better because men do everything and women dont so yeah.

  • Most women are very horrible drivers

    Most women speed and tailgate which is very dangerous, and there is no reason why they should do that which makes them a real Hazard on the road. Since many of these women have a problem, they should Not be driving to begin with, and need to have their license removed.

  • Most women are very horrible drivers

    Most women on the road are a danger to society, especially the ones that tailgate. They should have their license removed since many of them are the real cause of most of the accidents today. And they are always in a hurry to go nowhere which is very sad. God help us.

  • Your gender should have nothing to do with your driving skills

    Skills in driving has nothing to do with your gender. In our society, saying that women are bad at driving, it's like saying that men are bad at cooking.
    As someone else said, a good driver is someone who is safe while driving.
    Men can also be bad drivers, so don't go saying that men are amazing in that sense too.

  • Women are terrible drivers.

    According to cheapcarinsurance.Net the article about 10 reasons why men are better drivers states that women to men car crash rate is 5:1 so for every five accidents girls have, a man is in. Also its a proven fact that men have passed the driving test ALOT faster then all girls. Lastly if girls are so much better drivers then men then how come there is only one professional Nascar driver, and the only pro girl driver is straight trash. She has not won a race yet.

  • Not As A Whole

    I do not believe that all women drivers are better than all men drivers. I believe it is unfair to assume that gender determines what someone can and can not do in a proper manner. There are excellent drivers from both genders and equally bad drivers from both genders. The world isn't black and white, stop trying to make it that way.

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