• They are better

    Hillary Clinton is obviously better than Donald Trump. I mean, look at him. He promotes racism and his hair is really fluffy. Fluffy doesn't save countries it wrecks them. So VOTE CLINTON for president. Don't be a sexist pig, woman, when given the chance, are better. DON'T VOTE DONALD TRUMP

  • I support men

    Men are more practical then women ,women suit in home with children and men suit in parliament with their oppositions, men are quite firm about their decisions but women take every decisions by heart instead of brain men keep more calm then women so i think men are better politicians than women

  • Yes they are better

    Women are more considerate and thoughtful than men.Women have a special need and ability to care for others. Moreover they are more responsible than men. So women-politicians can make decision that beneficial for others, help children and old people, also do things to improve the country. Women have a desire to build than a desire to win and also women are more willing to explore compromise and seek other people's opinions. Women able to listen others and create world with out war, that means they can make better politicians and do things for sake of people. Also, women attend more to the individuals they work with, by mentoring them and taking their particular situations into account. The research in the American Journal of Political Science is the first to compare the performance of male and female politicians. It shows women do a better job at securing pork for their home districts and shaping policy.As an example, there are powerful women leaders all over the world serving effectively in their respective fields and most of them are politicians. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is the best example. She heads Europe's most vibrant economy and is widely viewed as the de facto leader of the EU. She reigns supreme as the pre-eminent leader of the European Union. Her hold over the economic future of the eurozone (current GDP $17.9 trillion) was made crystal clear this year. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, fourth in line to the succession of the U.S. Presidency. As the world ambassador of the largest single economy on earth, Clinton has advanced U.S. interests and policies overseas while pushing women"s issues, development and education to the top of the foreign policy agenda. These evidences prove that women make better politicians than men.

  • Yes they have the potential to be

    Women have the potential to be much better then men in politics. The reason is if you find an attractive woman she is going to get a lot more attention then any man ever will. Once you have their attention if you can prove to be smart and capable you will win everyone over.

  • Men are best

    Men can bring the world together they have the ability to rule as we also know that most of the best politicians are men women have responsibilities but she thinks with her heart not with brain women are also better but not than men women can't talk as fluently and powerfully as men do

  • Men are better than women in politics

    Most men have potential in speaking and controlling and they are better leaders than women. Most women have too much emotion and they don't have much potential in them. By looks u will know that men are stronger,bolder,smarter than some women, and sharper than women. That is all for now

  • Women No Better than Men in Politics

    In the political world, women are no better than men, and vice versa. A man can wow the political crowds, and so can women. There are plenty of power players in politics, and the American people tend to favor a handful of these individuals. Such a group is often made of both men and women.

  • They are not.

    Women are not better than men in politics and men are not better than women. They are both equal and have their own strengths and weaknesses. People who think the men are better or that women are better have a skewed view of the world and they do not want equality.

  • Men are better politicians

    First and foremost all politicians have a percentage of corruption. You have to have a large amount of stubbornness to stick to an opinion that is in all ways wrong; men have this attribute. Women have a need to solve problems and are more like to reason, which is not conducive to a good politician. Women are just as smart as men, but I do believe that men are be in politics.

  • Women will never be better in politics than men.

    Women will never be better in politics than men. Although women are cunning and deceitful,
    they are too emotional to be successful in politics. One wrong sentence can ruin a politician’s
    career, and very few women have the self-control to control their mouths. Just take a look at Sarah Palin.

  • No, they are the same.

    No, women are not better in politics than men, because people should be judged on their merits, not their sex. There are some men that are great in politics, and there are some women that are great. Those in politics should rise and fall based on how well they do, not because of their gender.

  • Men and women have the same capabilities in politics.

    There is nothing wrong with our political system. Women are not excluded from politics, but that must imply one of two things (1) Either the public is sexist to a certain extent - which is not very likely today with the outbreak of feminism many years ago, or (2) There has just not been a good female politician. Same as not all male politicians are good - a lot of them suck - but female politicians have not stepped up to the plate as forcibly as male politicians. There presence must be made, but it is their [women's] decision to not go into politics. Nothing is stopping them.

  • Women run on emotion. They don't think about the greater good. They are worse then men in politics.

    They are emotional wrecks. Look at the Donald Trump v Hillary Clinton election. Even if you don't like Trump it's obvious that women are voting for Hillary because they are told lies or small unrelated things like the "grab her by the pussy" comment and they think that's the most important thing in the world. They don't know or care about Hillary's no fly zone which is an important thing to talk about. Women (in the west especially) are way too emotional to get involved in politics. Women should stay out of politics unless they start using their heads.

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