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  • Woman are smarter than man

    Some people think that woman are smart and man are strong and girls should be proper but that's not how it should be woman are strong and smart so don't tell someone that ladies don't do this if they don't want to act that way they don't have to if they don't want to.😀

  • Women are better Leaders

    Women are better leaders than men because of so many reasons. They are more responsible, respectful, generous, and so much more. There are many things that a man can do that a woman can't but there are also things that a woman can that a man can't. The men that are chosen for president are only chosen as president because some people don't want to listen to whatever it is that a girl wants to say. Either that or there are just some women out there that want to speak up but they won't because they're afraid that no one will listen to them.

  • Supportive personality ever

    For leading any organisation or any company you must have patience and cool enough to handle the different drastic and challenging situations . It is very difficult to be very effective in working in a multipurpose field of any organisation and of course women are the best in handling such situations.

  • Women are multitasking in nature

    Because, they will make a better leader than men, look at a woman when she is at home, taking care of the children, cooking, answering phone call, attending to the children homework and so on. It always tasking and the women is the only being on earth that works and never retire.

  • Check out Harvard's Study

    According to a Harvard Study women are more effective leaders, primarily due to their initiative and greater drive, but also because they are good at self-development and helping develop their employees. They are better at communicating and forming relationships, among other skills. You should check out the study that elaborates everything in greater detail.

  • More leaders good

    Well for example yes woman are way better leaders than men how many male good leaders are there that you can think of straight of the top of your head it like 2 right you've got barack Obama and the Royals but now think of woman there are heaps more there are princess Diana all the royals, Kate Sheppard and a lot more that there's no room for so yes we women are better leaders

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  • Yes, women are better leaders then men.

    Yes, women are better leaders then men. If you see back many leader are men but real story behind is that, without women, men would have never been leader. Now, in world every where, you can see how people are facing problems. And this is why now women are most needed to take lead? Women are best communicator, listeners, team working, emotional, dynamic and etc. Now situation is change and therefore leaders qualities are changes as the require, which I think women have this quality.

  • Men and woman respect strong male leaders. Men don't respect strong female leaders. One side gains respect from both genders, the other does not.

    A strong male leader is focused, takes action, makes rational decisions, solves problems, and men can get behind this type of person and move the team forward to success. A woman see's this man as strong, powerful, and attractive too. She will work hard for him and want to impress him.

    A female leader attempts to behave like a man but does not get the nuances of behavior and ends up being rude and overbearing. She acts more on feelings and takes many attempts to share your experience as a personal attack. Always on the defense. A man doesn't respect this behavior. A man doesn't respect a woman who behaves like a man. With her femininity she could be far more influential and respected if she would just accept her true nature. She would probably be happier too being allowed to be herself instead of competing with men.

  • Women are emotional beings that do not have the capacity for rational objective thinking like men do. They involve there emotions in everything.

    Like children, women follow there emotions far more then men do. This will naturally deter them from being effective leaders because they do not have as much of an ability as men, to make decisions purely on an objective basis. Just look at how most women argue. They base their arguments on how the facts MAKE THEM FEEL rather then address the argument itself. This is why I refuse to argue with women because it will just end in nonsensical chaos. Women are much better off in the Kitchen.

  • No women are not better leaders than men

    I agree that that we were all born the same but there is this quality which is within men. Women may lead but the followers of that female leader wont be encouraged to work hard to produce great results. I guess what im saying is that women are lazzzzzy.....Secondly women are too emosional, a leadership position requires a person whom has studied his personality and able to master the emotions that comes with it...Thirdly women go through things like "period pains",pregnancy and that creates a barrier for the women to be trusted to be there whenever needed. A leadership position requires a person who will always be there... So when a women is preganant, most of the time the assistant is doing all the work..Lastly women do not have backbones, that is all i can thus far.

  • Leadership qualities are not limited to sex.

    It has nothing to do with the sex of the individual. It all comes down to the individual's character. Trying to limit this sort of argument to that of the sexes is incredibly close-minded. People from all walks of life are capable of great leadership. This sort of sexist drivel does not help anyone.

  • Evidence suggests otherwise.

    There is a reason why most political, social and military leaders have been men. Leadership is based on decisiveness, directness, confidence, and dominance, which are male traits directly related to testosterone levels. Good leaders are not necessarily compassionate or kind- Stalin was a great leader but a tyrant. Good female leaders are dominant women who have the above mentioned qualities, and also are able to use the contextual thinking that women (and estrogen levels) are associated with.

  • Men are more effective leaders.

    The only way I've seen a woman as an effective leader is when she's leading mostly men. The is because all men can follow. If you take a group of men and throw them on a desert island, they will pick a leader and follow. Women will cat fight and talk shit about each other. The men that follow the woman will listen to her but never truly respect her. All they will think about is boning her. Men need a strong dominant alpha male to follow. Some of my best managers have been like this. They are the worst to work for but when the job is done well, nobody cares in the end.

  • Another gender generalisation

    This seems like another either/or generalisation and, ironically, the kind of sexism that we are supposed to be moving away from. I don't think it's sensible or supported by the data to base the decision on gender, and this is what the women are better crowd seem to be suggesting. The data I've seen say that an almost equal number of men and women are rated as excellent leaders/managers.

  • Personalities Foster Better Leaders

    I do not believe women make better leaders than men. Personally, I feel that personality characteristics create good leaders and these characteristics can be found in either gender. There have been many great male leaders in our past and we have some very capable women leaders at this time. Gender does not make a difference.

  • It all depends on the skill level

    I think in some businesses women can be a better leader then a man; for example, a woman's clothing line, because she obviously will know the product better then the average man. However, in general, I feel it really comes to down to the amount of leadership skills one possess.

  • No, women are not better leaders than men.

    The truth of this is that women and men are equal in their abilities to lead. Both sexes are capable of leading in a number of ways. The ability of a leader is a lot more complicated than sex. It is more the character and ability of the individual that decides how effective they lead.

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