• For a better tomorrow.

    Abortion may look like murder, but once you look at this with no moral influence or feelings attached, you will see that it is better for the baby and the mother in the long run. I will use two examples to prove my point. Let's say I am a female who was raped; I would not want my child to be a product of raping, and also just because the father raped me, doesn't mean he's not allowed to use his parental rights. In America only 6/50 states offer full protection from rapist who might try to do this.
    Next, lets get into money issues. Let's say I'm poor and without money , and I am going to have a child. Why would I want my child to be born into a life of poverty that is depressing? I am saving the child the trouble of life.

  • YES - abortion helps

    Outside of any moral qualms about when a human life starts, etc., the facts are almost unilaterally in favor of the practice. Because of abortion women are able to make mistakes without suffering their whole lives for it. There aren't many other fixes for problems that people complain about like they do abortion. Nobody would complain if science came up with, for instance, a cure for being paralyzed after a car wreck.

  • YES

    How much do you think it would screw up somebody psychologically if they were forced to carry the baby of somebody who had brutally violated them?

    How much do you think it would screw up somebody who is forced to have a child they don't want? A woman can't just walk away into the night like a man can for the most part. If you're pregnant, you most of the time can't hide it after a certain amount of time, and if people see you without a child after they know you're pregnant, they're going to think you either abandoned it or murdered it.

    Abortion simply evens the playing field so that women can do the same thing as men and don't get strapped down with a kid that they either don't want or can't take care of at all.

  • Its My Body, Thank You

    I wholeheartedly believe women are better off with abortion as one of many options. In the past, a woman was forced to marry, give away, or live the rest of their lives as societies outcasts because of an unplanned and often unwanted pregnancy. A man, on the other hand, could just walk away. Any thing that enables a woman to make her own choices and live with who she wants and how she wants is a great thing. No person-male or female-should ever be forced to have children that they can't take care of.

  • Yes, women are better off because of abortion.

    I believe that all people, as part of our rights, have the right to freedom and privacy. A woman should be able to choose whether or not she wants to bring a child into the world. Women's rights have slowly been increasing and allowing abortion is just another step in the right direction for improving the quality of a woman's life.

  • Woman are not better off because of abortion.

    It takes a certain amount of time for people to realize it but every human lit starting at conception is a life and it should not be taken. The seventh most dangerous place on the earth is in your mothers womb that is wrong. Also the ways that a baby child is killed are sometimes so inhumane that livestock are treated better my proof of this is the fact that after a certain point in pregnancy you can't get a baby to leave the womb so they gradually cut the baby apart first a leg then an arm maybe a head. How is this valid to woman safety? Childbirth is hardly dangerous with modern medicine also you can get infections from abortions. Finally when woman realize what they have done they tend to commit suicide just because they know a death has happened in their body this is why the suicide rate in woman has risen drastically since abortion came around.

  • Women are not better off because of abortion.

    I feel for the woman who is pregnant as a result of rape. If you believe that murder is wrong as most of us do how can you be for abortion? Yes I understand it is her body but what about the life inside of her? You have the right to make a decision to end your own life if you wish, but not anyone else's.


    (Unless it was forced upon her). If not, then a woman should take responsibility for her actions. If she is going to do something that would allow her to become pregnant then she better bring that innocent child into this world and at least put it up for adoption. Also it is murder, to kill an innocent human being. Abortion is murder.

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