Are women better suited to be caregivers than to be corporate executives?

  • Women are pussys, Men are dicks.

    Dicks make better executives, Pussys make better caregivers. Just the way god made us. Nothing against women, My favorite people on earth are women, And they are the best caregivers. I could never do it with the same enthusiasm. Now fire someone for ignorance no problem. Making a harsh call for the bottom line? Of course.

  • Yes, they are

    The way all was meant to be was that the men went to work and women take care of th children and elderly. That is just how it is, women are better than men at taking care of people, while men are better at manual work ( hunting, fishing, firefighting)

  • Yes. On Average.

    This is not an assumption or a social construct. Women on average are better care givers than men. I say on average because it also depends on the individual, but the vast majority are better care givers.

    It has been psychologically and biologically proven that women are more emotionally intelligent and empathetic than men, while men are better are systematizing. This theory has been proven to be correct and received only little criticism from feminists. In fact, many feminists support it.

    Sure, in the end everyone should be able to do whatever they want, but nature does not know political correctness. Don't expect the same results.

  • We are too soft.

    Unless a really hardcore women who doesn't let caring interfere with business it would be really hard to be a corporate executive. Woman tend to have weakness and soft spots for others which when someone who continuously is late and calls out of work blames the issue on caring for a sick relative they may feel bad and allow it, meanwhile the business is failing because work is behind and an employee can not manage the job but the women feels bad at letting her go knowing the circumstances.

  • Yes they are.

    Women are better suited to be caregivers than to be corporate executives. That is nothing bad against women, as they make fine corporate executives, but it is in their DNA to be caregivers. This is something that can not be changed as it is just part of what women are.

  • It varies from person to person, but in general yes.

    It varies from person to person, but in general yes. It's never smart to make a broad generalized decision about a group of people, because everyone is different. However, in general, I think the majority of women are better suited to be caregivers. This is not a negative thing, I think a woman with a kind and caring heart is wonderful and beautiful.

  • Women are typically just as smart or smarter than men

    More women are going to college every year and we are even going to college more than men. So why hall us up in our home when we can be out in the world making a difference. Maybe if we had more women in higher positions America wouldn't be going down

  • Women are not better suited to be caregivers than to be corporate executives.

    It is sexist to claim that women cannot work in professional roles such as corporate executives. Although women are naturally good caregivers, it is also sexist to claim that men cannot do the same job if they want to. We should dispense with antiquated stereotypes about gender roles in the workplace.

  • It's all about the individual.

    Well, what about the women who happen to be corporate executives? What do we make of them? The fact is that individuals make better carers, and some do not. And some corporations may have guiding principles that empower caregivers as well. The blanket statements of this or that really don't help.

  • Women are not better suited to be caregivers than to be corporate executives.

    Women are not better suited to be caregivers than to be corporate executives. This is because women have began to show that they are just as equal in the workplace that a man can be. They have also proved that they can do the job on the battlefield as well.

  • Women Can Do Whatever They Want

    To say that women are better suited as caregivers than corporate executives is to make terrible generalizations. Women are just as skilled as men at leading corporations, which has been proven time and time again, especially recently. Some women are far more qualified than most men to lead a company today.

  • Women can apply themselves to both jobs, thereby bringing that nurturing touch to the corporate as executives.

    Many women have been successful caregivers and corporate executives because of the global impact on society, educational achievement and that determination to achieve societal status. Not many women can balance the responsibility of managing both home and career but, those who can have done so with the support of their partners and families.

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