Are women capable of intelligent thought? 90% of our successes were by men.

Asked by: ProMGTOW
  • What differences is there in the intelligence of a women to a man?

    Women are just as capable of being intelligent. Both male and female show them in a different way. Men may be smarter in paying bills, working with people with high stature. Women are smarter in handling kids, figuring problems to situations not seen by the eye. But both men and women are equally smart.

  • Apparently they are according to the title.

    If the question is if they are "capable" of being intelligent then yes because there is that remaining 10% that have been successful.
    I do think women can be more constricted in their creative behavior though, as there main biological goal is to conceive and to bare children, while men needed to be creative, quick thinkers, and overall smart in order to survive and provide for the woman and his children.

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