• Yes, but not to the extent that men are,

    Sure, there have been some females that ran and/or influenced their country fairly decently, but I think you should notice that nearly all great emperors, conquerors and presidents etc. are men. The real question here is 'Are women capable of running society as much as men are?'. Please note that just because I said this doesn't mean i'm a sexist.

  • Sure

    Capable? Absolutely! The real question is if they are qualified. Some women are extremely able to run a country or an empire, some are not. Same thing with men, some are capable some are not. It just depends the persons ability to run a society. It's like a business. If I was a business owner and I had a choice between to workers I could employ I would want the one who is most qualified for the job regardless of sex. This question is just trying to stir up sexist comments.

  • Yes

    Of course women are capable of running society. Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut is a prime example. Former United Kingdom PM Margaret Thatcher is another. Minority leader of the House of Representatives of the USA Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, opposition leader of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi, newly elected South Korean president Park Geun-hye, Australian PM Julia Gillard, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, need I continue? This question is more a question of how sexist am I?

  • Why not?

    Why shouldn't women be able to run society? As previously stated, they have run homes and families for generations, many times with a large number of children, and without the machinery and conveniences we have today. Not only that but many countries in the past were ruled by Queens as well as, sometimes instead of, Kings, and many of these countries were ruled wisely and well. Women have the same amount of intelligence as men and the same ability to make hard judgments and decisions. Women are just as capable as men in running society.

  • Yes, but this question should go further to ask "any better than men"

    This is a loaded question that presupposes there are fundamental differences between men and women that make a woman's ability to govern more questionable than a man's. One only need look at the predominately male governed history to notice that we ought to be asking if men are capable of governing.

  • Yes

    Women are capable of running society. Women have been taking care of their families as long as we can remember. They are getting higher education, acing in all the fields, and their working closely with men in every industry. Women can act and behave as sharp as men and they should get equal opportunity. I strongly believe that women are highly capable of running society.

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