Are women changing the face of society in a positive way (yes) or in a negative way/in no way at all (no)?

Asked by: namit3157
  • Women Change Society Positively

    There are absolutely many ways that women change society in positive ways. Women are more educated today and are becoming heads of companies, philanthropists, and helping people all over the world. Women are empowering themselves and other women and girls to stand up for each other and change the world. By being positive role models, new generations will have more opportunities and more confidence.

  • Diversity promotes growth.

    Aside from the fact that equality needs to be available, diversity helps society grow. If the same group of people are left at the top, what will ever change? They will run things the way that is most beneficial to them, not caring about who is left behind. With women breaking into the corporate world, they have opened a barrier. Now, things will have to change, that will benefit a more diverse pool of people.

  • I favour it!!

    Yes, women are changing the face of the society in both negative and positive way but we can't say in no way at all. There are lot of development made buy womens .
    I agree, men do more hardwork than women but women also have some contribution in the same.
    Compare our development when womens were not allowed to study and now when are being educated. You will get your answer!

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