• We're not talking about competitive Olympic labor here.

    The question doesn't ask if women can do men's jobs better than men. It's just asking if they can do them. And the answer to that is a strong yes. To say otherwise is to vastly overstate what it is that men do and to understate what women can do. And beyond this point of semantics, I know a lot of men who aren't fit to do men's jobs. Some of the laziest and most worthless people I have ever met were men, And I know women who can work circles around them. It's just a fact. What good is superior upper body strength if you're too f***ing lazy to use it. That's like having Thor's hammer on a job site and saying, "we could do this whole job with that hammer over there, But no one can pick it up, So. . . . . . . " The fact is that a lot of men can't bench press 350, But some women can. Just saying.

  • This is an awful generalization about women

    Yes, It is true that in general, There are statistical differences between men and women that means if you were to pick a random man and a women from the world population, They may be more likely to be a better fit for a job than the other.

    However, The whole concept of 'men's jobs' is poor. I take it to mean historically male dominated jobs, Such as ones that involve heavy physical labour. And while in general any given man is probably more likely to be physically stronger than any given woman, There are a vast amount of women that would be more capable of doing physically intensive jobs than other men could do.

    Generalising that just because there is less chance that any women would be physically stronger to do a particular job than a man, And from that logic excluding all women, Is completely sexist and has no place in modern society.

  • Are Women Fit To Do Men's Jobs

    A woman is made different from a man. To be equal to a man she must be able to do everything that a man can do including making women pregnant. This is not rude it is fact. You are trying to make something that is not and it just does mot work at all.

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Anonymous says2021-05-19T13:25:26.260
Your misogyny is showing.

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