• Yes yes yes!

    Yes they are, if you don't agree, look at these sentences that society say, and see if women are getting too much credit:
    If a woman beats up a guy, she is considered brave! If a guy hits a woman, he is a wimp and an asshole.
    If a woman touches a man's wee wee in an inappropriate way, no one gives a damn! If a guy touches a woman's jay jay or tah tahs in an inappropriate way, He is considered a pedo/perv or sexual offender.
    If a woman says "well let's split the bill" she is considered intelligent, if a man says "Let's split the bill" he is considered cheap!
    Still not convinced, look how unfairly women are treated over men, if you are STILL not convinced, you are probably a woman, and refuse to accept that you are not miss perfect!

  • No they aren't

    White women are not having enough babies and that's bad for women. Y y y yy y y y y y y y y y y y y y yy y y y y y y y y y yy y y y y y yy y y y y

  • No not ALL women are getting credit.

    Obviously kitloin is from America or someplace that actually had some women's rights in it. But you have completely ignored whole coutries where women are overlooked repeatedly. Again I will bring up the example of China for this. Girls were so overlooked compared to boys that when they made the one child rule a law, a whole generation if girls disappeared. The ratio of boys to girls was 300:100. Two thirds of the men in China will not be able to find a wife and do you know why that is? Because women were completely over looked. Stop whining and complaining in your perfect countries where women do have rights or that their getting too much attention. Countries still over look women. I understand that you are frustrated but save that frustration until ALL women get their rights. Then, you will have the right to complain that women get too much credit. (Or just say "women in America/Canada/Europe/countries that have women's rights next time you make an opinion)

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