• Women are good managers

    I have had quite a few women managers and have gotten along with all of them and worked hard for them. I think that women are good managers and are good at promoting both a hard work ethic and good morale among those workers who they manage, and things are getting done.

  • Of course yes

    Any married man (like me) knows that women are better administrators of time and resources than men. And last time I check those are highly desirable traits in a manager.

    Now, if what a firm wants is a male-style manager, well they better get a man. Is head-trampling and deadly competition a big part of the firm culture? Get a dude. A woman could try to negotiate and reach a consensus instead of fighting to the death: what a crazy idea!

  • Because the question is slightly exaggerated, I must go with no.

    Being a woman doesn't automatically grant you a special skills of management. Some women are good with managing, while others are incapable of being managers, and this applies to men as well. Not all of one sex are capable of being managers, and it is sometimes too hard for some people. And for the record, men also manage more rich companies than women do.

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