Are women in contemporary societies outperforming men?

  • Yes, they are.

    I see time after time, that a man is being supported by a woman. They have higher salaries and do all the household chores. They take care of and have children. In addition to this they are high performing on the job. Men are second place to women in all the things they do and accomplish.

  • Women Now Outperforming Men

    In many ways, women are outperforming men in the United States and elsewhere. They're starting to run major corporations and produce better results than their male counterparts. Of course, this isn't exactly a trend, since men still outperform women nearly as often. The playing field is more leveled between the sexes, so performance is just becoming more evident.

  • Only because they need to

    At this point, a woman can only advance in society BY outperforming men. Years of discrimination against women have kept them down and society still views them as the lesser, weaker gender, but now they are more empowered to really push themselves and outperform men. The equality gap will only close as women get tougher, meaner, and a whole lot better at their jobs, and they're doing it.

  • I think that women in contemporary societies are outperforming men.

    I think that women in contemporary societies are outperforming
    men. Everywhere we look, it seems like
    there are more women graduating from college than men. Men only still outperform women in entrepreneurial
    fields. I see a lot of couples with blue
    collar men married to women with white collar jobs.

  • Women in contemporary societies are outperforming men.

    Women in contemporary societies are outperforming men. Women have finally gotten to do what their predecessors never dreamed of- not only can women now work with men, but they can do the same things as them and have an opportunity to do it better than them. Women are seizing this opportunity in droves and finally they are outperforming men.

  • I think they are equal

    I think that men and women overall perform equally. Sometimes women out perform men in contemporary societies. Sometimes men out perform women. I think a lot of times it has to do with opinion and impression, whether or not you believe one out performs the other. I think that overall both men and women perform about the same,

  • Genders typically perform equally in contemporary society

    Women in contemporary societies are definitely gaining more momentum in their careers compared to decades ago, however it is not fitting to say that they are outperforming men. Historically, men are the ones to outperform women because of a higher natural skill level, though with advances in society and technology that gap is becoming less significant.

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