• Yes, they are

    The culture in India is dangerous for women and it is a self-perpetuating cycle. Men and women are kept separate, leading to men going overboard and harming women sexually, which leads to girls being hidden away, which makes the situation worse since the two sexes have little contact. Until there is a major social shift in the country towards women's rights, women will continue to be in danger in India.

  • Yes, women in India lack society's protection.

    Yes, women in India are in danger. They are not treated equally by law or by custom. Whenever women are injured domestically or by criminals their claims are not dealt with fairly in the courts. Centuries of treating women as second class citizens have created a mindset in the populace that precludes women getting justice for crimes committed against them, so men do not fear abusing and injuring them.

  • Yes, women all over the world are in danger.

    Domestic violence, rape and other forms of violence against women threaten women in every country, every day of the year. India is no different from any other country in this regard, and though it is more dangerous for woman than some other countries on some levels, it is no more dangerous for women than some countries as well.

  • Women are respected in Indian culture.

    Although women in India do not enjoy the same equality to men as women in many western nations do, they are still highly respected as wives, mothers, and matriarchs. Indian men have an appreciation for them as such and work very hard to insure their care as well as that of their families.

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