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  • The exact opposite.

    Oppression is nothing more than a very powerful word that can be used as the ultimate excuse for justifying ones own failure.
    How can so many women be so successful in all walks of American life and others say they cant make it because of oppression.
    How can some women make it to top cooperate positions, fly a solo plane around the world, some manage to successful work in absolutely every job in America and others cant. So some women are smarter, work harder and achieve success ,but then others cant because of oppression. That doesn't make any sense. Are Western women saying that the 100's of thousand of successful women somehow just got lucky, slipped through the cracks of oppression. That is the only reason they have made it. So Hillary Clinton just is stronger, luckier? Are only a few able to be strong enough to make it while most cant because of this oppression. Someone is confused.

    Posted by: zoo

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