• Specialized by Evolution

    Yes! Women's bodies and minds have been sculpted by evolution to produce offspring, to invite coitus, to become pregnant, to nurture children. Now that they've cheated nature, thanks to the pharmaceutical companies, they're merely scaled down versions of those possessing the Y chromosome. So, they're superior at making babies, but are not as likely to excel in terms of strength and creative brilliance.

  • I would say so, yes.

    Women are on average not as intelligent as men, as well as not as strong physically. They are also more emotional and complicated. Obviously I am not talking about every woman, but on average science very well agrees with me.

    Personally I don't see how these factors have gotten completely forgotten,
    that simply is what the current studies show and with that I want it to be said that this is a completely objective answer.

  • Um...NO and NO!

    Men are women are different. Women are not inferior. Women are fully capable of taking on traditionally men's jobs and men can be fully capable of taking on traditionally women's jobs. No one is superior nor inferior. Men are women are simply different but that does not mean we do not have similarities.

  • Oxford defines "Inferior" as "Lower in rank, status, or quality"

    Therefore, in order for women to be "inferior", you would literally have to argue that the female gender is inherently of lower quality.
    Unfortunately this is impossible. Neither gender is inherently of better or worse quality, considering the huge diversity in the human race. We can all admit that there are some pretty stupid people (both men and women), but there are also some very intelligent ones as well. There is no hard and fast line of "This type is better than that type" because there are so many different variables at work.
    The same argument can be made for race, religion, and a bunch of others. But that's an argument for another time.

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