• Women are inferior to men

    Intellectually, physically, psychologically, woman to not compare to men in the slightest. Through the evolution of sexes it is proven men are made to be superior, as well as how they dominate our country today and tomorrow. Men created everything, and the reason woman are oppressed is because they are inferior.

  • The bible says it

    The bible does say man has power over the woman, and if the two races had a literal war, of course the men would win, (im being hypothetical).. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Men are superior.

    It is a given that men are physically superior to women, but arguably mentally also. In colleges like caltech and mit it is easier for girls to get in to balance population but there are still many more boys. Additionally, there are many more distinguished men in academic fields and women let emotions cloud their judgement. Also, their bodies are centered around having babies and being pregnant so men can actually accomplish things and make their marks on the world. I am not saying that all men are great and accomplished people but they are created to be so.
    In a study conducted by Johns Hopkins College, men and women were given a high intensity situation where response is based on instinct. 17 out of 20 women who were tested, failed to respond sufficiently in the given time while 18 out of 20 men managed to respond accordingly.

  • Women suck. Men rule!!!

    I'm a woman and I know the truth.

    It's called Manhattan, not Womanhattan
    It's called managing, not womanaging
    It's called manicure, not womanicure. We don't even have that smh.

    Men comes before women alphabetically. Therefore, men come before women in life. Women can't have their own name without stealing from men. 3/5s of their name is ours, filthy thieves. Same thing with male and female. We can't even come up with our own words!!! Women currently make 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. That's too much. If I was in charge, they wouldn't get paid at all. Eve was the one who ate the freaking apple. If it wasn't for her and her stupid hormones, we would still be in paradise. Name one thing that a women invented without looking it up. That's right. You can't.

    Overall, men are just flat out superior. Can't spell sexy without XY!!!!

  • I am a woman,

    So I know how stupid we are. I've never met a man that couldn't outsmart me or any women I know. I'm sure thee are some men that aren't the brightest but us women are too emotional to be logical. I've never heard of a religion being controlled by a female and back in ancient times I'm pretty sure women were ALWAYs considered inferior to men because we are. We were made to make babies and serve and please men in any and every way we can no matter how We feel about it(:

  • Men are superior

    I would like to point out that everything you see out your window was created by a man. Every road, house, car... There may have been a female or two involved but that is the exception to the rule. Do Not assume that if one group is not equal, we should oppress them or anything of the sort... Do not read too far into a simple logical statement.

  • Women are awful citizens!

    Every woman i have ever met is dumb. Including my sister, mother, and grandmother. They havent taught me a single valuable lesson. Women are not people. They are objects used to reproduce and make sandwiches. In the prehistoric age, men were the ones hunting and killing the food. What do you think the women did? They sat around and ate all the food that was gathered. The same thing happens with money today. Women cant provide for families. They are only objects to have sex with. If it were up to me, every woman would be stripped naked and tied to a bedpost so i could have sex whenever I wanted. As Hillary Clinton once said, "I am a woman. And I am inferior. I hope Bill uses me for my body tonight." Women are inherently terrible at everything they do. Eve ate the apple, Rosa Parks didnt stand up, and Martha Stewart went to jail. All of the most famous amd progressive women have been in serious legal trouble. Women droll Guys rule. Heck yeah women blow me all night

  • Women are inferior to men.

    Women are physically weaker than men (we are not as strong as men).
    Women are also mentally weaker than men. We tend to give up too easily and get too emotional. Men are mathematically and mechanically inclined, whereas women are not. Men are usually smarter than women (they tend to understand what they learn quicker than we do). I don't know why most women think that they are equal to or superior to men. I am a woman (actually I'm a teenage girl) and I realize that women aren't as great as they think they are.

  • Women are inferior.

    Women are probably some of the most annoying people on the planet. Anatomically, their bodies are not nearly as strong as men's. Thus, in that sense, they are inferior. However, they fail to recognize this and push for equality to something that they are scientifically not equal to. It's important to realize that rules exist for a reason. The reason men have always dominated and (probably) will continue dominating is because of their strength.

  • Yes they are.

    Do I even need an argument? Just go out, drive around, and watch them. Just do it, drop every bias you have, everything you know, and go watch women do what they do. You'll see pretty quick that most of them are vice-driven, and Ignorant. They'll drink their coke, and smoke their cigarettes, but try to find one who knows something as basic as what years ww11 went on through. Seriously, try to find one. They won't know, because it doesn't directly affect them. Not only are they physically weaker, but their emotionally based selfish interests keep them from being smarter, or more educated than men as well. Now, of course there will be outliers, women who are much smarter than I am. But I'm giving a very general answer to an incredibly general question.

  • Of coarse not...

    I could argue the opposite. While a man could out run a women or do more push- ups that a women,they are not superior! Women have just the intellectual capacity as men, and it all depends on the person! Both genders are equipped for different things, and saying women are "INFURIOR" to men because they aren't as physically strong is unjust. For instance men are "inferior" to women at birthing a baby. Which is more important that beating a female in a push-up competition.

  • We are like two sides of a coin.

    We both excel at equally important functions and due to the huge capacity for change and adaption, both can be equally good at both specializations. The question is too vague.

    Most differences measured by science have been ignorant to cultural influences. Females have been oppressed since the dawn of agriculture and even up too the 1900's, there is no other reason for any apparent difference in psychological tests. Of which, I must add, are made by men and typically do not judge emotional or other forms of intelligence that women may excel at (in this society).

  • Fellow and Equal

    Due to the mechanization that's taking hold these days, men and women are becoming functionally identical, with sex being a simple aesthetic. Sure, there are some that will argue one way or another, but that would be personal bias. Sure, the females have this debilitating condition that takes place over the period of nine months, and once a month they turn into ravenous beasts bent on murdering everything they see, but apart from that they're fine.

  • Both women and men have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Women are emotionally stronger, can think straight in difficult situations, can take up to 10 times more pain than men, are better at academics, are better at agility and speed exercises, have better IQ, are better with numbers, accounting, finances, can handle stress better, have sharper memories, can multitask, and are great communicators. As for men they are relatively stronger because of high testosterone levels. So basically women have the brains and men have strength. We need both in society. If anything women are superior to men, but I prefer equality.

  • How do you

    Measure inferiority and superiority? I don't think it's an objective concept. Men and women are different. Built differently though that can be changed and altered to some degree. No man and woman are the same. We are each capable of different things. Men in general are built to be stronger than woman but of course woman can gain strength and be stronger than many men. Also, strength doesn't necessarily define one's placing on the inferiority/superiority chart, does it?

    In conclusion, women are not inferior to men in my opinion. Gender does not define one's worth.

  • Without one or the other society wouldn't be what it is

    This is just my own personal opinion but I believe we are all the same we just look different I understand that men are seen in today's society and also in many religions as the stronger intellectual one and women as bad is it may sound in lay-men's terms a house maid and child bearer these titles don't remain exclusively to one gender a woman can be strong as well as a man can and it takes two to "traditionally" make and raise a child but given the advanced technologies of today make it so to where you never have to see the father but that's another convo for another time......All I'm saying is that men and women have to relearn how to be together no blame should be placed on no one because everyone has they're flaws cause if we don't get it together we as a society would cease to exist honestly

  • How are Women Inferior?

    There is no credible evidence that suggests women are in any way inferior unless you believe in biased "science" that was made back when we were a male dominated society by primitive "civilization". Most of the world has been initially established on a patriarchal society so much of the world is still transitioning from that time so it may appear that women are less capable. Women are, overall, equal to men. Most of the reason women may seem inferior in society is because of society's history.

    Most of the developed world was founded on patriarchal society meaning they were male dominant. This was done through primitive means, basically through physical strength because women are generally physically weaker. Women were unable to physically defend themselves so were forced to subjugate. However, that does not apply to their cognitive ability that mainstream science has declared to be overall equal to men with only some variance. In conclusion, women were only inferior in ancient, primitive society that we, today, are still recovering from, unfortunately. I really don't care what ancient, primitive, and uneducated people thought in the past when we are now living in the present with modern science to prove them wrong.

    A University of Wisconsin study from 1990 to 2005 based on communications, motor skills, morals, and general cognition (general math, science, etc.) on infants and young children of both genders. The study found that 78% of the skills had no variance that can suggest that either gender is superior. The rest was split almost evenly between the two genders. Females were slightly better at computation while boys were slightly better at general problem solving.

    In 2005, a Harvard University study compiled and analyzed 111 other studies to create a final conclusion on the debate. The conclusion was that men and women, as early as birth, have essentially the same cognitive ability. The only minor variances among both genders is based on genetic development of their individual cognition, but that is not gender related.

    I will not even address physiology because that is, in my opinion, a weak, irrelevant, and old argument that does not truly matter in the modern era. What people really care about is intelligence and women are proven to be on the same level. Cognitive ability is what gets you the high-level careers in white-collar positions and there is nothing truly stopping women from joining most if not all of the blue-collar fields as well.

    Men and women are simply different, but are ultimately equal and that is the final conclusion of modern scientific findings so it is fact. The only reason women are behind in some parts of the developed world is society. Even society is adapting now and it is only a matter of time before we're equal there too.


  • Women and men are equal in responsibility.

    Women and men have different responsibilities in the home, but this does not mean one responsibility is superior to the other. Women tend to be the nurturing companion in the home that raises the children to be the next generation of our society. Men tend to be the ones that get the income for the family and do the labor needed to sustain a family. This does not imply that men should't be nurturing like the mother, or the mother shouldn't help control the budget. I am saying that a lot of the amazing men out there had a mother to help them be who they are.

  • Women provide life as much as men do

    Men are commonly the providers for the ideal family, though without women this wouldn't matter. Like the trees and people they keep each other functioning, the tree receives our carbon dioxide while we recieve the tree's oxygen. Women and men are all the same in equality as it it commonly debated over the strong opinions of sexist beings. The man usually takes care of and protects his family while the woman holds the children for nine months. You may always hear that men are stronger but does that make them better? How may you be so sure that the man is truly stronger? Holding a living human inside is very difficult and many cannot understand that. When she gets pregnant she risks her happiness from the painful mood swings, she risks her own life or the despair of the loss of her baby during birth. Thankfully, most women do not have to suffer a death of her baby during birth, there always that fear though.

  • I am sickened by this.

    So, if you have a vagina you suddenly expected to cook, clean, care, and basically be slaves?

    Polls like this sicken me, because there still are people out there who think Women are different then Men, or skin color decides superiors.

    I am heavily disappointed in people who believe this stupid stuff. We are all human and some people just cannot accept that simple fact. It makes me angry.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-21T04:36:08.110
Rebel, is it bad to say that you disappoint me?
themohawkninja says2014-02-21T15:34:36.007
Inferior to men, how? Physically? Emotionally? In general? On all facets of life?

Some I would say 'yes', some 'no', and some 'it's hard to say'.
Haroush says2014-02-21T17:46:34.630
I agree with mohawk. This opinion poll should be more specific.
cricket0206 says2014-02-24T00:54:14.280
I hate polls like this. I'm more than a woman. I'm a person. Being a woman doesn't make me inferior to anyone.
themohawkninja says2014-02-24T22:42:24.570

Saying "I'm more than a women, I'm a person" makes no sense. You are basically saying that women aren't people.
Haroush says2014-02-25T02:28:20.360
True, you have a good point there.
cricket0206 says2014-02-25T03:11:39.737
It means I'm more than just my gender.
themohawkninja says2014-02-25T03:59:07.223
I understand that, but stating that a person is MORE than a women implies that women are less than a person.
Haroush says2014-02-25T04:50:54.110
See, women subconsciously realize men have superiorities over women.
Haroush says2014-02-25T04:51:32.873
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-25T05:35:50.650
Stop it you two. Seriously, if people cannot get over the fact that we are all human then I fear for the future of Humanity.
" Women Seem Wicked When Your Unwanted " Lyrics to " People are Strange " and it is very true. Men are not Superior over women and vie versa.
Haroush says2014-02-25T06:12:11.743
Comrade, don't get upset. Really all this tension is because of the context of the question. Don't think I am saying men are superior over women as superiorities is different from saying men are superior over women.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-02-25T21:11:28.617
They are not, period. Women are not inferior to men and men are not inferior to women. Polls like this make me angry because of all the stupidity and ignorance people have to say such things.
Haroush says2014-02-25T22:33:37.837
Well to be that bipolar isn't good either...
Ocean-Beach says2021-03-23T19:51:30.647
OMFG do you notice the mistake? On the yes side I saw this:
Men are definitely superior As a woman it is as clear as day that men are superior to women. They are stronger and smarter. Our bodies were made to make babies meaning we are just sex objects. Men should be able to do as they please to women. Let’s start treating women like they are lesser because they are. Don’t hold back, Tell her you own her.
LMAO! Are they a man or woman? LMAO LMAO

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