Are women integral to the success of the U.S. military?

  • Yes ma'am!

    The military succeeds because it's unique and diverse. Women and men should be equal at any job and I believe that it would be the same in the military. Women have many diverse jobs and careers involved in the military and that is what makes women integral to the success of the military.

  • Yes, of course they are

    I think the military is already successful, and has been successful because it is willing to include everyone who can help, regardless of the current laws. It's kind of strange to say that any single group is the one lynch pin to the success of the organization, as all groups are important.

  • The Militant Female

    Women are absolutely an integral part of the success of the US military. In the Air Force alone, women make up twenty percent. Women serve as pilots, secretaries, and civil engineers. Women have a special camaraderie amongst themselves and also among their fellow male counterparts. The feminine touch also allows a more family like atmosphere. It's as if brothers are watching out for their sisters and likewise. After all, the military is a family-oriented unit. Furthermore, women are incredibly analytical and pay exceptional attention to detail. They make fantastic secretaries working for the commanding officers and as fantastic fighter pilots in the field. Women are a valuable asset to the military. Being a former Airman, I can say that I was an asset to the United States Air Force. Go Blue!

  • Yes

    I believe women are integral to the success of the military. I mean come on who wants to see a bunch of men all day? Not only would it be a moral booster, but they can do things that some guys can't. Small women could fit into tighter spaces when it comes to repairing something. And they're agile. So why not?

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