• I think that it should be obvious by now that most women are far less intelligent than most men.

    I think that it should be obvious by now that most women are
    far less intelligent than most men.
    Notice that I did not say all.
    There are always exceptions to the rule.
    But the fact remains that the average man thinks with logic while the
    average woman thinks primarily with emotion.

  • In general, yes they are.

    In general women are less intelligent than men. This is not because women do not have the ability to be intelligent, it is because so many women choose not to do anything with that intelligence. Even today, so many women stand by their man and don't think for themselves. Women choose not to work and to let the men take care of them. These women are not exercising their brain as much as those who continue to stay in the work field. Of course these women are going to be less intelligent.

  • Female Chess Players on FIDE

    On average, female chess players have lower ratings on FIDE than the average male. There are of course, female GMs like Susan Polgar who can beat 99.99% of the males but the average rating for females speaks of itself.

    Women are not as sharp logically as men, they are emotionally programmed and not logically programmed like men. It does not make them any less since they have other abilities ahead of men (like upbringing children with patience).

    Comparing abilities of men to women is like apples versus oranges. There is no denial that they differ in physical strength (it's natural), they are just different species to men. The whole question of equality is misunderstood.

  • Smaller brains smaller minds.

    Women have smaller brains that are not as powerful skilled or capable as male brains. In this way they are quite similar to birds, rodents, lizards, and fish. That's ok though. Women are cute and need the protection of stronger, more competent and more intelligent males. That's because their role is mainly to support men and raise children.

  • Yes! However, it's important to note a few things!

    It's not as severe a disadvantage as some think. Women are human, and so are capable of learning anything they choose to with enough effort. Studies have shown that in general, men learn faster on average in every category of testing though. This cannot be debated. It should never be said that women "think with different parts of their brain", because this has never been indicated. Women are socially expected to be simple and, as humans, will take the path of least resistance to happiness. So in general, adult women end up being less knowledgeable and also less able to learn new skills than men, just as a result of lesser pressure to excel in these areas.

  • Men Knows Life Than Women

    It Is Known That Men knows more philosophy than women, Why?
    Because men gets to be lectured by parents or even neighbors how to do these and that men can be interested in surviving while women dont so yea thats what I think about it and i hope u all would do too

  • I agree with U

    Most of scientists are males because 4-year-old girls believe magic but 4-year old boys. . . Not so much but 4-year-old boys think girls are smarter because they never searched girls. I have friends my male friends are smarter than female friends, I'm not sexist but finding male genius IS eeasier than female genius, I ALSO have 1 female genius friend, Whatever there are more genius males than genius females but there are ALSO more stupid males than stupid females

  • Must have pp

    Girls don't have a pp which makes men more better in many very much ways including how girls can't perform the old ritual of the famous jerk circle do to their lack of a pp which make me a little sadder ever day which shows how men are more intelligent

  • I 100% agree

    Based on research results, many publications it is clear than women are less intelligent than men. The difference is not huge but remarkable. Additionally, the difference is very significant in term of divergence. There are much more very intelligent men than women, but of course much more stupid men than women. However, it is much easier to find a male genius than a female genius.

  • Look at the Scientific statistics

    We all agree that the body/shape of men is way different than women, and so on the brain, there's a difference in neurons and other brain cells that make men are better in every process needed. Yes women can do everything man do - but men are faster with better performance.

  • I am a feminist but facts are facts. All we can do is change the facts.

    As of right now, women, on average, aren't as smart as men. There are more dumb men than dumb women, but there are also more smart men than smart women. This is a proven fact from reputable studies. The reason, however, for this gap is what's important. When you picture an arbitrary nerd, a male comes to mind, right? Men are assumed to be smarter(I know they are, but not all of them), so women aren't as confident in their abilities. They believe that they will never be as smart as Genius Guy A, or Genius Guy B. All they can be is Mediocre Girl Z, in their eyes. If we change this attitude, women can easily match men in terms of intelligence. They are prove to have better memories and are more able to convey information in an efficient matter. As of right now, women, on average, are less intelligent than men. It doesn't need to remain that way though.

  • Women are very smart

    I have noticed that at school the smartest ones in the class are girls! TAKE THAT GUYS!! We are seen as inferior but in reality there are many great women doctors as well as men I am not saying that guys are stupid I am just saying that women aren't either!

  • Intelligence is about the individual, not the gender.

    I live in a first world nation, where we would simply laugh if someone asked this question in a serious manner. There is men versus women when it comes to intelligence. I've met some amazingly intelligent women, along some stupendously idiotic ones, and the ratio doesn't change when it comes to men. It's about the individual.

  • Women Equal to Men

    Women are every bit as intelligent as men. Society's expectations, however, often causes women to act as though they are less intelligent than they actually are. Additionally, sometimes women don't view events or objects from exactly the same emotionally detached perspective that men often manage to achieve. This makes them more emotional, however, not less intelligent.

  • Brains Wired Differently

    I do not believe women are less intelligent than men. I think women and men are both intellectually comparable and neither wins out over the other. I believe research has shown that there are parts of the brain that work significantly different between the sexes and it also indicated strengths and weakness.

  • Women are just as smart

    Women are just as intelligent as men. Some people have higher IQ, other people have lower IQ. It does not depend on their danger. Men and women are different in many regards, but intelligence is not one of them. Girls study just as well as boys do, go to college, and excell at work.

  • Proven facts bro!

    It's actually a proven fact that women are smarter! Not saying that ALL women are but in general because.. We can multitask, we can watch the news while we're cooking dinner and taking after a child. Men can get distracted by the littlest things! Also, we can focus more. While men are staring at women's racks because they don't have any of there own (even gays) we already have them so we can focus mor won school work. (And we can stare at a hot guy while listening to a teacher drag on about Shakespeare). And finally, we can get what we want! Wether were wearing short shorts or a crop top, if we shake it we can get all kinds of free things from men! So what I'm saying is that men are not superior, nor is women thought! WE ARE EQUAL! Ya got it!

  • All Are Created Equal

    Men and women are created equal and should be treated equally. Women aren't less intelligent than men whatsoever. Women and men have equal measures of intelligence and both sexes have the same opportunities in life. The only thing women can do that men can't is to bear children in the womb.

  • No, women aren't less intelligent than men.

    Men and women think differently and use different parts of their brains, and because of that it might be difficult for them to communicate with one another sometimes. But that definitely doesn't mean women are less intelligent than men. In fact, modern research may be suggesting that women have brains more capable of multitasking than men do. So it's possible that, in some respects, women even have a superior ability to think.

  • No women are not less intelligent than men.

    In fact it's the opposite! Women are actually more intelligent than men. Women on average have passed men on IQ testing, Women do better at ALL levels of education kindergarten through college than men do. The female brain is more efficient and can process information up to 5 times faster, As a result girls do better on timed tests than boys do. And we've made all this progress relatively quickly compared to men, In the future it will become obvious to everyone that women are more intelligent than men.

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