• Women are FAR more advantageous

    May be a little unfair to say, but women can't see that this is the truth. Sometimes when you walk with a women and a friend in to a diner a man will open a door for her, but not you, because he women are supposed to be cared for (babies or royalty till they die). Some places either hire only women or when theres 3-1 spots left in the job, they'll pick women because they attract people more than men do. Who gets tipped more and higher, men or women? These women have/had men chasing them at some point that would toss money to take them out to restaurants and get them stuff. In school, no matter how good i do, i get treated like a delinquent and a bone-head.. I make As and Bs

  • I think that women are more advantageous than men.

    I think that women are more advantageous than men. Women are more advantageous than men because
    women don’t have to work for everything they get. Men have to get a job and work if they want
    money. If woman wants money, all she has
    to do is sell her body.

  • Yes, I believe that women are more advantageous than men.

    I believe that women are more advantageous than men, because they have to. We live in a male dominated society. In which a man through hard work can propel himself to the position he wants, with no discrimination. For a woman this is not the case, so any chance a woman gets to create a favorable circumstance for herself she has to take advantage of it.

  • It depends on the person

    I do not think women are any more advantageous then men; however, they have categorized jobs. For example, a woman is more likely to be hired as a receptionist or a teacher before they would ever consider a man. That being said, a man is more likely to be taken seriously as a security guard then a woman.

  • The historical record doesn't back up that claim.

    Hardly. Look at all the major events that have happened for the past two hundred to five hundred years. Colonization, religion, wars, all of these things were started in a primarily male dominated culture by males. That said, I think women obviously can be just as advantageous as a man could be.

  • It's the other way around.

    Being a white man in this world and particularly in the United States of America gives you opportunities that are either unobtainable as a woman or opportunities that one has to work much harder for. It is definitely more advantageous to be a man with the way the world still continues to work.

  • Women Not More Advantageous Than Men

    Women aren't more advantageous than men, and men aren't more advantageous than women. Sure, some people might say that women have sex appeal on their side, but the measurable benefits are hard to pinpoint. Men and women are equal in many ways, and many people fail to remember this fact.

  • Women Make Just 77 Percent of Wages Men Do

    Women are not more advantageous than men in the fact that single women have to raise kids on their own when their "baby daddies" skimp out and won't take responsibility for knocking them up. Plus, women make less money than men which only exacerbates the problem. Until there are equal wages for women, they will be less advantageous than men.

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