• Women are more moral than men.

    Most animal abusers are men. Most crime in general is committed by men. Most of the horrible damage being done to the environment is caused by men. Most dictators have been men. It is men that have created the most dangerous religions that have led to the deaths of millions and millions of people. It was men that were behind the 9-11 attacks. The recent Paris attacks were also the work of men, if I'm not mistaken. Women on the other hand are more likely to care for the environment, be more charitable, and more compassionate.

  • I am a man, and yes.

    No sexism intended in the following information. This is all factual, so sorry if it hurts any feelings: Morality is a construct that only some humans fall for. Women, being more prone to make emotionally-based decisions, are more likely to believe morality is a good thing, rather than a hindrance. Therefore, women are more likely to be have today's society's morals governing their thoughts and actions.

  • Stats don't lie

    Which gender is vastly overrepresented in prison, which gender commits the vast majority of murders, rapes, car thefts. Which gender is most likely to f%&$ any thing that walks. Which gender commits the most peodophilia. We men are far far less moral, there is not comparison. I even see it in my son, he is naturally more aggressive, it's in his nature.

  • Facts are Facts: Just look at what happens/happened globally

    There are much fewer women in prison who have committed violent crimes. The only way you could get around that is by showing that courts are bias in one way or another or that women tend to get away with their crimes more. Again, you're going to have to prove that if you are to show that this isn't just a gendered tendency.

    Furthermore, of the women who have committed violent crimes there is a stark difference in how they conduct the crimes in comparison to their male counterparts. Female serial killers on average tend to resort to poisoning than blunt force and physically torturing their victims while experiencing joy out of it. In some ways, this indicates (amongst other things) that the women have a tendency to have indirect contact with their victims. This is not to excuse the women who have tortured their victims.

    In terms of peace and social equality; women tend to vote in the US at a higher rate for both. Now, maybe that might be influenced by social expectations. Nonetheless, the tendency is there.

    When looking at transgender, ftm, individuals many report experiencing more rage while taking testosterone. Again, I think that the mechanisms of hormones is not fully understood on my part so there is a possibility that this might be much more complicated. However, it seems that elevating testosterone does not have a sedating effect.

    Most pimps happen to be male...And even with regards to sex, more often than with females, males would force sex on an individual. This is quite obvious when you look at statistics. The only flaw that I can think of is maybe the definition of rape may be skewed....The definition not including forced oral sex etc. but one can check that. Additionally, it could be that females are more sexually desirable so there is no need to feel that they need to force some one...Who knows. I'd think it's a combination of higher sex appeal, sociological expectation and the more sedating effects of the female hormone cocktail.

  • Crime and war

    Men commit most of the crimes, almost all the violent crimes and they do war. You never see a bunch of women getting together, arming themselves up and going off to another country to kill other women they don't know. Certainly, there are some extremely moral men and some awful women. But in total, men do more worse stuff than women do.

  • Look at the statistics.

    Check the worst crimes against humanity. Males were almost 10 times more likely than females to commit murder. Even among children, boys (as young as 7 years old) are 10 times more likely to commit such a heinous crime as murder. Did you ever hear about 6 women getting together and deciding torture and kill any random man? Such an idea wouldn't cross their mind. How about news headlines where 6 men decided to rape, torture and murder a complete stranger -- 23 year old medical student? I rest my case.

    Posted by: ira
  • Like the others here have pointed out

    Like, 80 or 90% of all the very bad things that happen in this sad world are the result of stuff done by MEN.
    Not women.

    Yeah yeah, women nag, or are manipulative, or are drama-oriented, blah blah blah, but all that stuff is nothing compared to the damage done by men.

    Women are also more trustworthy than men, science says so.

  • Not in my experience.

    In my experience, women seem to be more dishonest than men. I'm generalizing of course. After all, it was a general question. It also seems to be that women are more likely to be unfaithful than men. Women are also less loyal to their friends than men are to theirs. And clearly women are quite a bit more vindictive than men are.

  • No, because morality is culturally dependent.

    There is no single and universal thing called morality because it means different things in various human cultures around the world. Even though there are some strong common elements, it cannot be said that either women or men are more "moral" because that raises the question of whose morals are being used as the barometer. It may be better to consider whether men or women behave, on average, more morally in particular contexts.

  • Women Are Not More Moral

    I do not think that believe that women are more moral than men and vice versa. Both are equal when it comes to morality. There are moral men and women in the world. There are also a lot of immoral people out there. It has always been equal and will continue to be that way.

  • No, they are equally moral.

    They are also equally immoral. It's unfair to label one gender more moral than the other. Both sexes have moral and immoral people as members. In addition, what is immoral to one person is perfectly fine to another, so who is making the determination that women are more moral, or that all men are immoral?

  • Motivation and self-interest

    Women are more self-interested and have "same group preference" meaning that they have a stronger likelihood to act in a way which benefits themselves or women as a whole. On the other hand, men have the opposite with a greater likelihood to to serve women than men.

    Women are also more likely to make decisions based on emotion rather than logic, which broadens their motives and the manner in the way that they execute a plan to seek some end. Basically women are more likely to manipulate, and show less restraint in using emotionally based tools.

    While men are noted for having a seemingly higher domestic violence rate, that is only reflecting arrests and essentially rhetoric propaganda. In reality, men and women have comparable domestic violence rates, however, 70% of unreciprocated inter-partner violence is performed by women. Also, even when accounting for the difference in time spent with children, women are more likely to murder, and abuse their own children and the children of others than men are.

  • Men have a moral advantage.

    Naturally, women are more emotional, intuitive, instinctive and hormonal. All of these traits interfere with rational thinking, for instance, being overly emotional about something can lead to rash and hasty behavior. Part of what defines us, as humans, is our ability to engage in controlled decision-making, being reflective, and forming rational judgements. The nature of intuition, however, is that it tends to arrive at conclusions by instinct, and not by reference to evidence or through discursive reasoning. Men are better at 'being' human because they lack the same gender traits that interfere with their human nature. Therefore, men are naturally better human beings than women, and women are better animals than men are. That's the truth.

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