• Of course

    The argument isn't "are women more genetically/biologically inclined to be bisexual", it simply asks if they are more prone to it and the answer is a resounding yes.

    Society still portrays a man as interested in females exclusively. If you're not attracted to females than you're gay. This isn't to say these classifications are fair or justified, simply how the real world works.

    Bisexuality in men isn't as common simply because we are directed to make a choice. Men or women, you may be attracted to one of them. Thus, guys, as they grow up, don't lean towards bisexuality, they simply make a decision about one sex or the other.

    Women, on the other hand, are expected to form close bonds with other women. Society, at least western society, views female on female relations as completely acceptable, unless of course you wan to marry then that is a nono for some reason. Women are also expected to be attracted to males. Obviously this directs women, as they grow, to be more flexible in their sexuality.

    So are women more prone to bisexuality? Yes, of course they are because society has shown that it is acceptable. Are women more biologically prone to bisexuality? Not at all, but that wasn't the question that was asked.

  • Women are more open sexually

    I think women are the softer side of humanity anyway. They already hug and kiss showing open affection for each other. It's not a great leap from there to the bedroom where more cuddling and touching can develop into open sexual display. It just seems to come more natural to them IMO.

  • Yes they are

    See the statistics. Society has formed on the desires of humans. If every man wanted to have sex with other men from time to time. A culture in which this is a taboo never could manifest itself. Male sexuality is much more rigid. Female sexuality is a lot more fluid, and there are lots of studies that back this up.

  • They probably are.

    The only reason that I would say that women are more prone to bisexuality than men would be because women with other women seems to be more acceptable than men with other men. Although I would like to say it is up to the person to be who they want to be, it actually does lean a little more towards women.

  • Women More Prone to Bisexuality

    Women are more prone to bisexuality than men in this day and age. Various studies have shown this phenomenon to be true, although the rates are still fairly close among the sexes. With that in mind, various theories have been developed to explain why women are more prone to bisexuality.

  • I Believe So

    Being a woman, I feel as though women are probably more prone to bisexual behaviors then men and men tend to be more likely to be homophobic. I think this is probably pretty common in heterosexual populations and is probably just a product of latent bigotry or possible a fully natural response.

  • Women are more open to new things

    Yes, in my opinion women or move prone to bisexuality than men. One example women will carry on a full conversation naked in a locker room. They will also dance in intimate proximity to another women because it is fun or trying to get the attention of men. Men will rarely do any of these things, at least on in public.

  • Yes by nature

    Woman are more prone to be bisexual because society accepts this more from a woman than a man. The question is WHY DOES SOCIETY EXPECT A BISEXUAL WOMAN OVER MAN? The answer is simple it because its in there nature woman are very sensual beings, they are all touchy feely and super emotional so its more of a natural act to them than it is for a man whose nature is to be dominate and independent. Also this is why men are turned on by 2 women in a sexual act together as opposed to woman being turned on by men .

  • Yes They seem to be more.

    In pornography you see a lot of women having sex with women and they are paid for it. Most men you cannot pay them the same amount of money to sleep with a guy, and a lot of female friends kiss each other.

    I have spoken to many women about this very topic.

  • Yes.

    I think that women are more prone to be bisexual, because women tend to watch more categories of porn than men do, because they aren't intimidated to restrict themselves from watching this or that. When you go to a party, you can more likely see girls kissing with each other than boys.

  • It's just society that thinks so

    Men are under enormous social pressure to be either straight or gay. They are discouraged since early childhood from touching male peers or seeking the same emotional closeness with them that women enjoy with eachother. Through shaming and even violence they are conditioned to believe such things would be "unmanly" and "gay", and they internalize this bigoted view. Because of this it is harder for them to acknowledge, explore and express their full range of attraction.

  • It is just society

    I mean I think most of us would all agree that homosexuality is both even in numbers among males AND females.

    Now when it comes to bisexuality, I think a lot more men tend to hide it than females because they are under much more pressure in being "macho" and "getting girls," pretty much fitting into society's image of "masculinity" (bi-men are under this "straight" culture because they like females too, yet gay men aren't included because, well, they aren't interested in women). It is only logical that the numbers of bisexuality among men and women is roughly equal. Society for some reason expects females to be more passive, and expects the guy to make the first move...Hence, the guy starts to suffer a lot of pressure from his peers about sex and girls.

    Since these kinds of pressures are not afflicted on a women, I think more sexual acceptance and toleration comes out. As a result, we see more women who are openly bisexual because they are more confident about who they are. Women don't seem to face the a guy's pressures of "impressing" their peers by how much they can get with girls. Society's image of a "masculine" man seems to be wiped out as soon as a man is involved with another man sexually. However, for women, "femininity" is not sacrificed if she hooks up with another chick.

    So many powerful women such as Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga are openly bi, but do we see as many high profile men who bi as well in the media? I don't think so. Blame society.

  • It's more acceptable.

    Because a lot of men enjoy seeing two women together, it's much more accepted. Not as many women enjoy seeing two men together. But I don't believe that means women are more prone to bisexuality. There are a lot of bisexual men and I am one of them. I think society is changing to the point where everyone will be able to be open and honest about their orientation but we're not quite there yet.

  • Men are more discouraged to participate in same-sex behavior.

    Bisexual women are much more known about than bisexual men because same-sex attraction among men is much more discouraged than among women. Simple example: I kissed a girl and everybody thinks its okay and whatever. My brother kisses one of his male friends and everyone's "omg what I can't believe you did that!"

  • No it is just more well known

    Women are not more prone to bi sexuality than men. It has just been more acceptable for women to be bi sexual than for men so you see more women as bisexual. Men often see it as a fantasy so it is more prominent to see bisexual women than men.

  • Women are not more prone to bisexuality than men.

    Women are not more prone to bisexuality than men. I just think for some women it is easier for them to admit that they are sexually attracted to the same sex rather than men. However, I do not think it is a choice of who you are attracted to and just depends on the person.

  • Women are more accepted

    Women, while perhaps displaying bisexuality more openly, are not more prone to be bisexual. It is reasonable that equal numbers of men and women are bisexual, but it is more difficult for a man to be bisexual because of societal expectation. Women tend to appear more sexually fluid; it is not as necessary for a woman to hide her few homosexual experiences. For men, however, society stresses masculinity. For a "straight" man to admit having sexual relations with any man for any period of time is to sacrifice the perception of masculinity. A woman having sexual relations with another woman does not sacrifice femininity in the eyes of society, but for a man, being with another man sacrifices the perception of masculinity.

  • No

    No I do not think women are more prone to bisexuality but I think it is more acceptable for a woman to say that she is bisexual. If a man says that he is bisexual I think most people just assume that he is homosexual. Women tend to be more physical with each other in general than men do so this may also make it seem like more women are bisexual.

  • No, though it is hard to determine.

    Sexuality is primarily in the mind, so it is hard to say whether women or men are more prone to it. You would have to rely on self-reporting, and there are many reasons a person would not accurately disclose their sexual preferences. My gut feeling is that you see women engaged in bisexual behavior far more often that men when you look at pornography designed for men who think it is more exciting to see two women with a man. But those women are essentially acting to make money. It is probably not as hard for a women to act that way because women typically touch and hug each other in everyday life, and I think actually less inhibited about things that concern the body because of their roles in childbirth and mothering. I think that men are more inhibited around other men, and although they seem to be more promiscuous or experimental with sex, a true bisexual male would be more secretive.

  • No, women are not more prone to bisexuality

    Women are no more prone to bisexuality than men. It is more acceptable among men for women to be bisexual (generally speaking). Which begs the thought, was such a question posed by a women or man? If it was a man there could be some underlining desire to see if it is the case that women are prone to bisexuality to answer or rather address some personal hopes and wishes. However, there is no solid basis for women being more prone to bisexuality than men.

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