• It is true.

    Women are, biologically speaking, much more hormonal than men. The hormones create an unfortunate by-product, MANY more emotions. Women are naturally like this, and if you tell a female that they are naturally more emotional than a male, they will have an emotional outburst, soundly proving my point. Thank you for reading.

  • It depends .

    I am a woman and i found out recently that the tear ducts in our eyes are formed differently to men, this means that we cry way more easier. So we might cry more but we might not feel any different to the men.
    It also depends on your personality, your upbringing, your social status and your life now.

  • It's natural lol

    Women are naturally more emotional. It's that maternal instinct. Guys are usually emotionally stronger. We have strong hearts so we don't tend to cry usually when it comes to even hard situations. Sometimes but not always. So yes it's true for the most part. I definitely agree with the question.
    Plus women love soft, cute, and cushy stuff like teddy bears

  • Cavemen and Emotions

    Since the beginning of our species evolutionary speciation, natural selection has picked the more emotionally attuned women to succeed. This can show in the rearing of children; the mother's need to be very attached to their vulnerable children to better provide for them. Men have always needed to be aggressive and assertive, keeping away from other emotions such as sadness, pity and love so as to protect their family units. That is to say then that women have a broader range of emotion, than their male counterparts. Perhaps this is reflected in the research that has proven that the amygdala, the part of the brain that controls emotions are more well-developed and complex in women than men, on average.

  • Women have more natural emotion than men

    Because of their hormonal changes and fluctuations, women are naturally more emotional than men. The menstrual cycle and then the menopause leave women in a constant flux of hormonal upheaval which has been medically proved to have an effect on the emotions. Therefore, it is only normal and natural that women are more emotional than men.

  • It's Just a matter of Gender effect

    According to Researches held , it has been shown that women are more emotionally intelligent than men , since they have been raised to show their emotions , But they both have the same emotions and same abilities , each gender expresses it differently as an effect for cultural raisings rather than biological .

  • We are equal, and different all at once.

    Men are just as emotional as women, being human beings just express it differently, women express their emotions through tears, and men experience their's through anger, or which ever way how they are feeling at that time, we all go through something, men don't want to cry in front of a woman but women are not afraid to cry in front of a man. We are all equal.

  • Women are not more emotional than men

    Women and men are biologically and genetically different but ultimately they are the same species. There are no special characteristics that make women more emotional than men. This is a stereotype that has been fabricated for thousands of years because of the role that women play in out society. As anti feminine prejudices die these strange questions will also evaporate.

  • Men Hide It Better

    I do not believe women are naturally more emotional than men. I have seen plenty of men be emotional. I think men have a tendency to hide their emotions or shelter them. In America, boys are encouraged to be rough and "manly." They learn from a young age that hiding emotions is a proper thing to do. It's not healthy, but that's how our society functions.

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MasturDbtor says2014-05-20T19:07:45.443
Women do have stronger memories related to emotions compared to men. Yet women also tend to have smaller amygdalas, which is central in processing emotion and relating it to memory. So maybe the amygdala is more for filtering emotional things and hence a smaller amygdala means getting emotional about everything instead of nothing.