Are women oppressed in the western world today?

Asked by: subspaceboy
  • Long Story Short:

    Wage gap, rape culture, patriarchy, male entitlement, lesbophobia, transphobia (particularly against trans women in this scenario), gender roles, gender expectations, beauty standards, prejudice against femininity, judgement based on gender, etc. If you're not ignorant or sexist, the fact that women are oppressed in the western society is all too obvious.

  • Yes and no. But primarily yes.

    A large portion of western population follow some pretty obvious sexist beliefs.
    Religion particularly Christan, Catholic and Islamic all have very severe anti-feminine messages in their holy books. While a lot do not follow these literally there is a large portion who do.
    So women are oppressed by a core part of western society through thought and tradition. But they cannot be oppressed by law.
    My answer is yes. But will inevitably be no in the future.

  • I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and

    I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and believe it cannot be proven. I am a skeptic who denies Abrahamic influence. Buddhism is my best religion, which I almost follow. But I lack a belief in God and believe it cannot be proven.

  • They are not.

    Women are oppressed in Islamic culture. In the western world, women are not oppressed, with the notable exception of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who was denied the presidency of the United States, her birthright, due to mysogeny. Women in the west are allowed to aspire to any goal, position, or ideal they wish; even to the exclusion of a more qualified male. There is zero oppression of women in our culture.

  • Lets take a look at what Aus1028 says.

    Wage gap: There is no such thing as a wage gap. The wage gap sampled random women and men and found out that they make less money. Reason is; they either didn't take higher paying positions, or chose less income jobs. Take a quick google search if you are still skeptical.

    Rape culture: Seriously? You have to be kidding me. Do you really think it is taught that women are to be raped? No one thinks it is normal; no one thinks it is okay, not even rapists! They know that it is not a right thing to do. There is no such thing as rape culture.

    Patriarchy: Sure, this could exist in families, but there is no way that this affects you unless you are part of that family. There are countless women who have higher up positions than men. People do not just vote men because they want a patriarchy to exist. How dense are you?

    Male entitlement: How entitled are we? In fact, I think this is the reverse. Let us say a women hits a guy. Most likely, if he hits back, he is in the wrong. Now, reverse the situation. A guy hits a women. He would be in jail in an instant and make the news.

    Lesbophobia: No one is afraid of lesbians or whatnot. In fact; I think that people are now adays so pro-lgbt that they go on streets and march; which is totally okay, but the fact is that there is no such thing as lesbophobia, transbophobia or whateverthefuck-ophobia.

    Gender roles, beauty standards: All women look for handsome men and advertisers do too. The same is for the reverse: Men look for beautiful women and so do advertisers / etc. There are beauty standards: Women are expected to be beautiful in these industries: but the same is for men, so there is nothing sexist about that.

    Gender judgement: This is sexist against men, like I explained previously when a man hits a girl and vice versa. Why are you complaining about that?

    Basically you're talking shit and have been brainwashed by feminism when there is nothing wrong. Either get over it or move to Saudi Arabia, where there is zero rights for women.

  • Maybe discriminated against, but certainly not oppressed in the modern west.

    Women are equal to men, and in modern times in America are treated as such. What aren't women allowed to do that men are? Women have all the legal rights men do and aren't held to the expectation of being just housewives as they were in the early 1900's. In fact, women now have obtained many advantages over men in modern times. Just look at our dating system. No money? He pays for it. No social life? He doesn't care. Not interesting in conversations? He'll fake interest. Don't have anything to say/quiet? It's expected of you. No clear plans for your future? He doesn't care. But if you're a guy and you have any one of those qualities, you can forget it. You'll never find love. If you're a woman all you need is good looks and a tolerable personality and you're set on finding love. Here's another thing to consider: when somebody kills somebody of a different sex. If a man kills a woman, everybody assumes that he was the one who started the conflict, he was abusing her and/or trying to rape her and that she was a poor defenseless victim and because of this assumption the man who killed her is a guilty, very evil, horrible victimizer unless proven otherwise. But when a woman kills a man, everybody assumes that she was attacked first by the man and/or she was defending herself from him, the man was doing (or trying to do) something bad to her and deserved to be killed by her. The woman is assumed to have been defending herself and be innocent of wrongdoing unless proven otherwise. Back to rights, women are not oppressed in America because they are not denied basic rights (or really any rights at all) because of their sex/gender in modern America. If you want to be oppressed, go to Saudi Arabia. As of 2017, women there can't drive at all and can only go to the doctor with the consent of their husband or father. Not only are beatings of women there accepted, but men are actually expected to beat their wives for all sorts of things. They are raised like objects and traded like currency, women are also stoned to death for all kinds of frivolous things in Saudi Arabia. In many countries in Africa female genital mutilation is rampant, nobody stops it and it is seen as tradition. Just look at India where women are regularly raped and beaten and are strongly pressured to have many children against their will. Women in the west may face an imbalance in pay and occasional discrimination, but certainly aren't oppressed.

  • Not enough for me

    What happened to women being in the kitchen? Now they're working? I just heard my granddaughter talking about voting. Since when are women allowed to vote? Hillary Clinton ran for president, why isn't she making Bill a sandwich? No wonder he got down with his intern. In my 90 years of living I've never seen anything as ridiculous as a woman voting.

  • Feminism is now a religion!

    Although it was once desperately needed, such as the first half of the twentieth century. However, now it is just as dogmatic as Roman Catholicism, if not more so. They demand double standards for men and women. They blame men for everything, as though a penis is original sin. It's become little more than a modern progressive hate-cult.

  • Lots of myths!

    Modern feminism has put forth the idea that the western world is patriarchal and is out to get them. This couldn't be further from the truth. One of the biggest arguments put forth is that women get paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. This figure fluctuates depending on who you ask, but this is the most common answer. Simple argument; this "wage gap" is a myth. Women to not get paid less than men for the same work. This figure is calculated when you divide the menial yearly wage for women and the menial yearly wage for men. It does not take into account that women work more part time jobs, that women take more holidays and are less likely to ask for raises. It is not an injustice. It has nothing to to with oppression.

  • It's a load of lies, Exaggeration and hiding of facts.

    Feminism today will try and convince women they're paid less than their male co-workers as a default, All women will be violently attacked/raped at some point; however very few (if they admit any)men will, Lack of representation in certain workplaces=oppression. None of this is true it's very simple in today's world to find out the truth behind these things, It saddens me that more people don't.

  • Women aren’t oppressed in the West

    Some parts of the East? Yes. But in America, Women have more rights than men. Men are 75% of homicide/suicide victims, 97% of work place deaths, 94% of combat deaths, Lose 14% of child custody hearings because the court is biased towards women in thinking that they are better caregivers, Men are 45% of physical assault victims yet get no sympathy from anyone, And get 63% more time in jail for the same crime just because they are men. What most people argue to say that women are oppressed is just lies about the patriarchy, Wage gap, And rape culture. Western women are NOT an oppressed class.

  • A transgender perspective on opression.

    For context, I am a MTF Post-Op tranny who passes for female. And my lord, am I happy I do.

    When I used to still be a guy, I've always had issues with society around me. I was a loner, got bullied immensely for having Aspergers and ADHD and dressing up like a girl pre-transition. No one gave a damn about me, people actively hated me and I got /so/ /much/ /hate/. When I broke down or cried in public, people berated me or laughed at me, when I brought up issues to my friends about being male no one ever took me serious ( and people still don't ) and when I brought up issues as depression and suicidality to my peers I simply got told: "You'll grow out of it." as if these issues weren't important! When I finally got my operation and began to pass as a woman, things became so much better in general for me. People wouldn't dare to bully me in public anymore, people held doors open for me, smiled at me instead of laughing at me, I could wear pretty much whatever I wanted, ranging from dresses to jeans and a white tee, people took my problems serious, or atleast listened to them and I no longer get insulted, but complimented instead! People sometimes even wish me goodmornings when I walk by, or say things like "Hey there girl, looking good today!". Sure, there's stereotypes about being a woman that people still apply to me but they're way less worse than the hidden stereotypes about being a guy! Atleast, in my opinion. I'm so glad people finally care about me and don't treat me like some throwaway piece of garbage anymore. I really don't understand how people can think women are opressed in the western world. Once you've lived the life of Joe Normal you'll understand it's men who are opressed.

  • Yeah okay Libtard

    Look. In the western world, especially in the USA, women are the most privileged women on the planet. You think about what we have. Women can have an abortion. Women have the right to run for a government position. Women can join the army. Women can apply for any job they want. Women can drive. Many of these things, especially in Africa and the Middle East, are banned for women. Women are heavily oppressed in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and many more countries. They aren’t allowed to vote, they aren’t allowed to protest (even peacefully), they aren’t allowed to drive, they can’t leave the house, and they have to cover their whole body, and are beaten if they show the slightest bit of skin. Groups like Feminism, especially those on the extremist side on this issue, get oppressed when someone disagrees with them. If they lived in a Middle Eastern country, they wouldn’t make it past Day 1.
    Also, things like the “Gender Wage Gap” and the “Patriarchy” don’t exist. There are several facts and claims that agree with that. I won’t show it here, but if you truly disbelieve me, then I grab some sources. The fact of the matter is, women in the western world live more freely than any woman, anywhere, anytime in history, ever.

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