• Only when they are trying to extract resources from others

    Some women play the "oppressed" card when they are trying to extract free goodies (resources) from government and men. Western women normally don't spend time worrying about or feeling oppressed, except when they are lobbying and feeding at the pig trough of government benefits and monopolizing sectors of over-paid underworked government jobs and the civilization destroying gravy train associated with it.

  • No we arent

    Women in the west have our own set of disadvantages relating to our sex and there are many individual sexists in the west, but sexism is not widespread or systematic. In some cases we have more rights than men. Women get to decide whether their baby will be aborted or not, while the father of the child, who will be effected either way, has no say. Women who claim to have been raped will often be believed immediately and the men they accuse will be deemed rapists before evidence comes out. Women in America have affirmative action and get jobs over more qualified men because of our sex. We have our own set of disadvantages and advantages relating to our sex.

  • No they are not. this website shows 5 rights that women have that men don't. If women were actually oppressed here , then it would be vice versa. True oppression is like when black people where slaves, or the holocaust, or females in the middle east(which feminists never even try to do something about)

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