• Of course they are

    A Woman is a pet a smart let but a pet non the less she should be thought of as a really smart pet like a talking dog you know like in a cartoon you know smart sometimes smarter than his owner but at heart is still a dog same thing with women they can be smart and intelligent and can do anything a man can but they are still pets and have one purpose cuddling snuggling and being a best friend to her husband who is her master and owner she should submit to him as a good pet and should not be expected to work

  • Heavens they kind of are

    Woman need to be submissive to men at that is there natural role in society to care for children and feed a man and clean the home it's there role they rely on men and men are stronger so if other men attack her who is going to defend her there not technically pets but there are not as superior as men

  • Of course they are.

    Men value women strictly for their appearance. If a guy needs a friend, A male can fill that role. Remember, Men look at women like women look at shoes. Men's opinion of women also explains the old adage, "Women, Like children, Should be seen and not heard. ". By the way, In Asia, They have the right idea: women walk behind men and aren't allowed to chew gum when speaking to a man.

  • Hell f***ing no

    No girls are independant beautiful humans men are equal to us we deal with way more shit then men sexism is more against us, Periods, Child birth, Men being pervs, Sexual assault, Sexual abuse, Having to fight girl steriotypes, Having to fight for our rights, And shit like this

  • f**k Whatever Dumb@ss Incel Asked This

    Are women sold in goddamn pet stores? No. Can people legally go around, Find stray "women" and take them home? . No. I didn't f$cking think so. So no, Women aren't pets, Which must be bad news for whoever asked this question cause that means you simply can't go out and buy the p@$$y you obviously need.

  • What the f*** no

    What kind of messed up dip sh*tted a**hole would think that women are pets everyday we go through all kinds of sh*t r*pe abuse prostitution and so much more. And women are independent human beings hence do not need to be strapped down by old traditions so go f*** yourself

  • No, Hell f** no

    No, We are not pets. Wtf is going through somebody head to say "woman are pets"? Do you actually think we were born to serve men? We deal with (TW) sexism, R@pe, S3x tr@fficking, And not being able to go out alone at night and you think its okay to call us pets when men live this care free life? Yes, Men do have hardships and can suffer depression but at least nobodys calling them pets.

  • I'm A Human Being, NOT A PET.

    I AM A WOMAN, NOT A PET. This is completely offensive to say that they are. Dogs are pets. Cats are pets. Heck, Even lizards are pets. But women? Hell no, We are human beings. We can do anything men can, Thank you very much. If you treat me as a pet, Call me a pet, Or do the same thing to any other woman, Be prepared bc im comin for ya

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