Are women really being oppressed in modern countries like the u.S.? And what rights do men have that women don't?

Asked by: Midoriya
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  • The weage gap dont be real cuase men are bette rand just make moe money than wemen do so it makes sense to give them

    Have you ever seen a wemen presiditnt no becuase they dont try men try and make the big buks so women are just like nurses and a presidnet is obvi bette than nurses dugh so the wage gap is a myth president is better than a nurse the end .

  • Women are not oppressed in western society

    I have found 5 rights that women have that men don't. They don't have to sign the special services card to vote, have the choice of parenthood, have protection from genital mutilation , the right to be named caregivers for children, and can call unwanted coerced sex rape( men have to call it made to penetrate). All of this information comes from the following websites

    Please provide evidence with your claim.

    P.S. The wage gap is b.S. And does not account for occupation, work hours, positions education, or job tenure.Also men tend to go toward higher paying jobs while women go to lower paying ones.

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