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    Not only is the concept of this argument both steeped in misogyny, it also ignores the existence of lesbian relationships comprised solely of two women in complete absence of a male participant. If women truly existed for the absolute pleasure of men, currently illegal activities would be legalized such as rape and sexual harassment because these are things a man can garner pleasure from at the expense of a woman's body and personal autonomy. The basic message of this suggestion stems from the old age patriarchal institution wherein women were viewed as property with little to no rights as a human. They were expected to be submissive, child-bearing vessels with the responsibility of taking care of the offspring in a state of complete dependence on the male; however, modern life does not support such a standard of living. By this rule, current injustices against the female population (as a result of challenging abusers or exploiters) are considered heinous acts of cruelty. Such actions include but are not limited to: acid attacks, corrective rape in the case of lesbian women, genital mutilation, spousal murder, domestic violence, and sexual coercion. On the topic of spousal hostility men who murder their spouses statistically receive less jail time than men who murder complete strangers, highlighting the existing remnants of the system wherein married women were considered socially and morally obligated to endure oppression and violence at the hands of their partner (source below).

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