• Women are represented equally on prime-time TV.

    Women are represented equally on prime-time TV. Things have changed since prime-time TV has been on the air. Women went from working as a secretary in an office to President of the United States in some tv shows. I think that women are beginning to be treated just as equally as men.

  • Women on Prime-time TV

    Without a doubt, women are equally represented on prime time television in today's world. Many sitcoms and other shows feature women in lead roles. Some shows feature mainly female lead characters rather than male-led casts. Therefore, women are more than represented in television, especially when it comes to prime time.

  • Women are finally least on tv

    Prime-time tv seems increasing marketed to females. In the little bit of prime-time tv I can stomach I see just as many, if not more women in prominent television roles. We've come a long way since Uhura on the bridge of the Enterprise was regular headline news. Women still have a ways to come in other fields to catch up, but as far as tv is concerned, they've broken out of the box.

  • There are more men.

    Even though women actually make up a little more than half of today's population, there are more men represented on Prime Time television. Most shows have a male lead and a bunch of difficult men surrounding him. There is a women, but she is more on the outside and having to deal with the men. We need more women representation.

  • Still a Male-Dominated Society

    We still live in a male-dominated society where men deliver the news and men have the bulk of shows. If women were equally represented, we'd see more female anchors solely delivering the news instead of a male-female co-anchor relationship. Reality shows like "Duck Dynasty" feature the men on the show. "The Bachelor" shows women being subservient to a male to try to win his hand in marriage. We don't see "The Bachelorette" on television nearly as much.

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