• Most safe place for women :-Is India

    As compare to the other countries INDIA is only country where women got the respective position .Here women has not only gone to the space , in fact they are worshiped as a lord.In one of the village of India ,there is still PANCHAALI PRATHA is going on,where a single woman can get marry to many men but man's are not allowed to get marry with more then one woman, also for getting married with a girl ,the BROOM family has to pay huge amount of money i.E. Dowry.
    Secondly from the ancient time , tribal area of INDIA is still given all decisional authorities to women. Like A Woman can choose their BROOM ,She can live with a man without getting marriage and she can leave the man according to their wishes.
    In some of the places of Harayana have women dominating area's.
    So in this way it is proved that India is save for women any only country which respect to the women as compared to men

  • Laws are there

    Laws have been enacted for women safety.....Government are punishing those who are culprits.....As handful of people are mean we must not blame are nation....Certain apps are being created for womens safety....Atleast we all are being made to give respect towards women...And ya India is safe and womens going to be safe as we will be punishing all those culprits

  • Safe in India

    They are very lucky to be in India because India is the only country which gives respect to women
    .Like in south India women are very safe as compared to New Delhi. They are at high risk if they are just going for a walk and women are not lesser than men.

  • Only in some places

    It depends where you are. For example, in South India, places like the very liberal state of Kerala are much safer than places like New Delhi (the capital). In New Delhi women traveling alone are not very safe, even if they don't get full out assaulted there is still some "feeling" of danger for women.

  • India is a safe nation for women

    India provides equal opportunities to both men and women. Because of some rape cases and dowry cases, we certainly can not claim that India is not safety for girls. Culprits and bad men are in every nation. Because of few culprits we can not blame the whole nation.
    There is one more issue I want to discuss here. Rapes happen in other countries as well. But in India, media popularizes the rapes very much. I am, in no way, favoring rapes. Rapists must be punished. But my point is that because of few handful mean people we can not blame our nation of being insecure towards women.

  • India is safe for every men and women.

    It is that currently rapes in India are making a belief that India is not safe for women. But the situation is not at all like that. You can't blame a whole nation when hardly a handful of people are involved in this crime. But recent cases has raised our conciousness on this matter. According to me if Indian women are ready to get mordernized they also time has come to raise their personal security. Every Indian irrespective of boy and girl must get a lesson on self defence(via any style of martial, Judo ) upto Street FightLevel. Media also must highlight those cases where the convict is being caught and beaten at the spot. Then only it is possible to get a rape free India .. .. .. If you don't know to hit back .. .. Nocandle march is going to help you.

  • Women are safe in INDIA

    Women are safe in INDIA. In any case Law give more prepares to the women rather than men . Law given equal rights to the men and women. India is a safe place for women . We are on the earth because Of mother. Mother also a women mother is safe. So women are safe

  • Women are not unsafe in India

    Women are not unsafe in India.Dowry & Rape is not country specific.Culprits and bad men are in

    every nation. Because of few culprits we can not blame the

    whole nation.We need to teach our sons how to

    behave. It isn't simple but that's a first step. Good values

    from home.

  • Women are safe in India

    I think women are safe in India. India is a country where a girl is treated
    as a goddess. By some rape and dowry cases we cannot criticize the
    whole country. Men and Women are treated equally in our country. So
    I am totally in favor that women are safe in India

  • Women are totally safe in India.

    Many types of cases related to women are solved by our government.
    It is good and I want to say to our government, Keep Growing and Keep doing for women all over the world. At last, I am thankful for our government. I am proud to our government.Best of Luck

  • I hate India being an Indian

    Even just before I came across a gang of guys who were teasing me very badly about my walks and my style. Guys think girls as a roadside doll. You can't even walk in road. I started going to class since last week. Almost everyday I get annoyances. I hate India totally. I never wanted India to be like this. I am thinking of escaping to a safe foreign country in near future as I know India will be a total turn off for all girls in the near future. Almost it is now. I urge the need of education and moral classes to be taught to everyone around. It is a red sign here. Women are harassed. Guys are such stupid behaving like this. I totally hate India. From my own experience I am here in my room crying and crying even though I have courage I don't know what to do, how to teach morals to them and still crying inside my heart for immoral Indians.

  • India -not safe anymore..For women

    India isn't safe at all for women and young girls at all ...Every time a girl walks out of her house doesn't know if she will return home safe.She lives with fear every minute of her life with all the rapes n murders going on..India is become hell for women... Is this the independence in the life of women?
    When India got independence i think it was for both men as well as women but the tide has turned i think women better start their protest ..Its high time now..

  • Dead Indian women

    Can you approximately say how many rape cases happen each minute? What I mean by dead Indian women is that safety for women in India is dead. India is the 4th dangerous place for women and in India
    all the rape cases lack justice. So its clear that there is no safety for women in India. Its dead.

  • Its wrong how they are treated

    I have never personally been to India myself but i don't have to go to see how awful the conditions are and the horrible lives that woman have to put up with. Men in that country have no respect for woman how can you think its okay to sexually abuse a woman which is the reason of your existence!

  • Women are not safe in India.

    Women are not safe in India because in India there are problems such as:rapes and abusal offences.Women in India need protection because they are abused or raped which should not be allowed in any country,even if it's a developing or undeveloped country.In India a lot of rapes happen to women.

  • India is Hell for Women

    Look at the number of rapes happening around the country. Specially Metro cities, its really ashamed to do this crime. The criminals doesn't worry about the punishments. Even our Law is strong enough to punish those criminals. The Advocates Association should protest against those Advocates appearing on behalf of those criminals.

  • Women are not at all SAFE in India...

    The regular rapes and assaults on women, that are occurring, is the proof. Men treat women as a medium just for enjoyment which according to every women and girl is wrong. The culprits should be soaked in petrol and lit fire and made to return over on to the area where they used to live, they should be burnt to death.

  • Where are women safe?

    The fight to for equality has been on the agenda for infinite nations. The condition of women in workplaces, in the domestic realm and in the community has improved. However we hear of incidences across the world causing uproar and rage due to disrespect and misogyny. India still experiences the brutal blueprint of female foeticide and dowry. It will take much more to make India and the world a safer place.

  • Because of Women!

    We say that women are not safe in this country. What tempts men to rape? Men are mainly tempted by seeing women exposing themselves in the movies. This is more evident in India. Women are objectified in Indian movies for decades in the form of making them dance in improper dresses and item songs. Many porn movies are made focusing women rather than men. Women never opposed it is a large scale. So these things provoke men. Women in India have accepted their state for many decades and have made it mandatory for a movie to have an item number. Also so many women were raped in India in the past years and I don't remember seeing such mass protests in the past as we had for the recent rape of the Delhi girl. So women never worried about women in the past and these things lead to the events that take place now and I insist that women in India realize their state and protest against the causes like objectifying women in movies, porn,etc.

  • India is not as safe as people think

    I go to India every year for 1 and half months to visit relatives. My grandparents are ever worried about me going out on my own, wearing short-shorts I wear everyday in America and doing normal things I do. It is getting worse for women. There are cases of rapes happening everyday, making the front page of newspapers. No woman is even safe in her own home. I was stalked once in a resort in India. It was terrifying- something I thought would never happen to me. The government of India needs to think a little more about the women of India, and help towards a safer country for them. In short, women are not safe alone in India.

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No, india is not safe place for women
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