Are women STILL faced with discrimination in the workplace?

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  • E8 believes that women are still discriminated.

    Women are still being paid less than men. The pay gap in income is still an issue in society if women are paid significantly less than men for doing the same job then women are going to feel less superior to men and underestimated. Fewer opportunities to get promoted due to the risk of maternity leave, e.g. construction workers are less likely to higher women than men. In summary it's getting better but more needs to be done.

  • Yes, but it has gotten better.

    Women do still tend to be paid less for the same jobs as men, and there are still many men who believe they are superior to women. Meaning that even if a woman makes her way up the corporate ladder, she may not get her fair pay, and many people would assume that she had relations with a superior.

  • It is because ...

    Some men still believe that they are superior to women and of course, that leads to discrimination. I believe that we need to stop this in order to attain equality among the two genders of sexuality. I think this will be the first big step in (like what I said earlier) in attaining equality in this world

  • Yes and it hasn't changed

    Women are being discriminated in the workplace because of America's ignorant culture. America is a bigoted nation that discriminates against many especially women, LBGTQ, atheists and certain ethnicities. The best way to end discrimination is to have a counterculture movement like we did in the 1960s. But an easier way to stop discrimination is to not be a patriot to an ignorant country that hates its women and loves its bigots.

  • In some areas

    The main one that I can think of is in regards to women's health and company insurance. Many health problems that women face are not covered in company insurance plans. If a women needs a mammogram, most likely she will have to pay for it out of pocket or get additional insurance. The same is not the case for, lets say, a prostate exam for the average male. Beyond that, things are fairly equal overall when it comes to the workplace.

  • Yes, Women are still discriminated.

    As we are coming into the 21st century, Women are becoming equal in the United States. They have not officially reached complete equality everywhere, But it is coming along. In the work place businesses have to fill quotas for race and gender. As we see in the government many men hold the highest power, Where women are few to none. It has improved. To have a woman almost president, But we still need to fight for our rights because this discrimination is still shown in the work place and life.

  • M9 say yes

    Some women are seen as not as hard working as men. Some people may also think that women are not as capable to complete jobs to the highest standards as men are. Also most women are not pushed from the media or family to go into STEM jobs and follow through into university degrees and careers in these subjects.

  • Because we believe in old stereotypes.

    V9 believe that women are being regarded lower then men, because people still believe that men are in 'charge' and women have to stay and look after infants. This means that unfortunately, women are not getting as much job opportunities as men and if they are, are not being paid as much. We believe this is unfair, as although a women may leave for maternity, they are equally as capable as men to fulfil the duty they need to.

  • Women FIFA 16

    In football women are paid less than men because women don't play as much as men and their games are not as high profile or televised as male football games. Female soldiers are perceived as not being as brave as men so they are unable to fight on the frontline. Manual labour jobs are typically thought of as male jobs.

  • D11 is undecided

    There is still a noticeable wage gap between men and women but we must examine how most women work in blue/white collar jobs unlike men who work manual labour jobs as well as blue/white collar. Furthermore far more men die in the workplace than women. However, there still may be discrimination against women because of them having to go on maternity leave. Lucy Williams didn't agree with me, Nicholas Scrivens. But I'm the one typing so Ha!

  • Overall, No They Aren't

    I'm not saying that workplace discrimination against women NEVER happens (on rare occasions workplace discrimination may even take place against an otherwise privileged group), but it generally doesn't. The idea of the "gender pay gap" is not quite as it seems. It isn't that if a man and a woman work for the same McDonald's the man's gonna be paid 30 cents more per hour. That's not the way it works. Instead, on average women get paid less. That means on average women work jobs that don't pay as well. For instance, women are less ambitious and more likely to strive towards positions of power (positions of power pay well). Also, women are a lot more likely to drop out of the workforce at some point prior to age 65 than men, so less investment into the workforce (for good or bad) means lower pay. The average woman who works her way up the corporate ladder with that same drive for success as men will probably achieve the same success as the average man.
    Women do experience some disadvantages, yes. They might not be taken as seriously as their male counterparts. That being said, the average attractive woman is capable of seducing her way higher up the corporate ladder in a way that men can't (I couldn't seduce my way up the corporate ladder if my life depended on it, lol). Also, they're more likely to be pitied whenever something bad happens to them and helped out with X. So they experience some advantages as well.
    The gender pay gap has more to do with women not putting workplace success as high up on their priority list as men and a greater tendency to drop out of the workforce or spend less time working in order to be a mother.

  • No, I Don't Believe So.

    I don't think that women face discrimination in the workplace. At the very least, gender discrimination has been greatly lessened. The only real systemic discrimination that women face is the gender pay gap, which leaves out many variables, and is debatable at best. Most of the modern gender discrimination comes from individual cases, rather than outright systemic problems. And theoretically, if there are instances where a woman feels she has been genuinely discriminated against, there are legal avenues that a woman may take to address such issues. Human Resources takes these matters very seriously in modern times.

  • We completely look over the opposite examples.

    No, in an awe-full lot of jobs in at least the west women are given special advantage to many jobs. Special training, accommodations, lowered standards. Protection. Assistance. If we truly look at where treatment is different we might be surprised. In my field of emergency work a man must accompany a women on many tasks. There are some danger tasks that only men get sent to do. We share accommodation and women get newly built private ones. All the same pay but they have many more perks. Management very obviously will not challenge our women staff regarding sick time and yet do with all the men.
    Why are we so blind regarding this because its very obvious in the really work place who is discriminated upon.

    Posted by: zoo
  • Mixed opinions .

    The girls said yes and the boys said no, there was a mixed opinion within the form. Their is a pay gap between men and women in top jobs, women are affected by the glass ceiling because they can have children. The employee is less likely to employ because of the fact that they may go to have a child

  • Are women still faced with discrimination in the workplace?

    The main feeling in our form group was that men and women are mainly paid the same salary today. However, there does still seem to be a pay gap between men and women in certain job areas, i.e. Men are deemed to be Engineers and we don't think of women as being in this field. It is however not just about differences in pay between men and women. It also depends on the qualifications you hold. It is not just about pay disparities between men and women

  • Are women still faced with discrimination?

    The general argument in our form group was that women are mostly paid the same as men nowadays. This is still an issue in certain jobs today but it is also dependent on age and the qualifications you have. It is not just about a pay disparity between men and women.

  • M4 says no...

    Because of role models like the queen, women can aspire to be senior. Women have the same opportunities such as, education and qualifications as men so can achieve the same roles. There are more men in senior roles because there's never going to be an even split. There just ARE more men in those roles.

  • No they are not.

    There will always be some acts of discrimination whether it be race or gender, but not enough to say that all women are faced with discrimination to the point where it is a serious problem. Women have come so far in the past few decades and a lot of people don't seem to be able to see that. The main issue that women bring up is the supposed wage gap, but in reality there is no wage gap. No one takes into consideration: different jobs, positions, education, tenure, hours worked per week, etc. When all of these are factored in there is no factual support of a gender wage gap. Overall, women do not face discrimination in the workplace, with the few exceptions here and there depending on the ones in charge, which can and will happen to men, women, and people of different genders alike. No one is completely excluded.

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