• Yes, but so are Men

    Both genders are (in different) ways objectified in most media. Stereotypical advertising is something that is barely to prevent, because a 20 second clip can hardly show the depth of a model character's character. Showing exposed body parts and secondary sexual characteristics is a way to appeal and sometimes still heavily overused.

  • Yes, but so what!

    As a woman , and a definitely NOT traditional one ( STEM major , education and career over family type) I still do not to this day know why people bother to take anything the media perpetuates seriously anymore, if ever. Anything it features is just a satire or exaggeration of reality , that is why it entertains us if it doesn't annoy us first. I don't see why people get their panties in a wad just ibecause so big boobed chick happens to be dancing on the screen or whatever. In the 80s and 90s it was much worse, and being a little girl I can remember liking Elvira, Julie Brown, Pam Anderson , Jessica Rabbit and that chick from Heavy Metal....And I turned out okay.

  • No, objectification isn't real.

    It's normal to be attracted to people and find them sexy. Objectification is a ridiculous theory conjured up by ultra left wing feminists. It is just another pathetic way to shame people (especially men) out of their sexuality. We are supposed to like one another that's how we reproduce and make babies.

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