Are women submissive to men without realizing it?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Women want to be ordered around.

    Today, I was working with a girl in school and she listened to my every suggestion, Took every order, And frequently asked my approval. I spoke with firm confidence and she had no problem listening to me. Most women, While not doormats, Like to defer to men and often feel we have a better grasp of things and would rather submit to our authority than have us act lazy and complacent. She did not object to me taking charge, Either.

  • It's all about the power matters

    For men, We are stronger than women that make us feel better.
    Most women rely on men for providing enough life support for themselves, That's why they don't dare to question men who bear the family.

    However, The situation has been changing, Because our society not only requests our physical strength but wisdom and humanity which the women have.

  • Women are submissive

    As the other poster starlord616 says that these behaviours are taught, One must ask themselves "Why is it that almost every culture is taught this exact same behaviour? ". For example humans are taught to not like their own waste, And this behaviour came from the fact that those who avoided their own waste wouldn't fall ill - hence we are "taught" to not like our waste. A group of men didn't one day sit at a table and decide to teach women to be submissive - no. What happened was that through various changes throughout our natural history women had become submissive to men. An example being the agricultural revolution where pulling a plough requires immense upper-body strength which women had lacked, As a result you had men farming and producing the food. So if men had more strength and power and ability to get resources - how would women survive in this harsh world? Through submissiveness to men.

  • No women are not

    Women are not submissive to men while some women may act like they want to be submissive to men they are not ok women are not submissive to men ok and no I think that women are not submissive to men ok ok ok bye bye ok bye to my

  • Women are not submissive to men

    While some women may act like they want to be ordered around ok and no I think that women are not submissive to me ok and no I think that many women are not submissive to men ok while some women may want to be ordered around not all women want to

  • Gender does not define personality.

    While it is true that some women will act more submissive this is not instinctual by nature rather a taught behaviour since birth. However many women are not submissive to men and furthermore many men are submissive to women. It can go either way and it's simply a charets trait not a reflection on the superiority of a certain gender.

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