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Posted by: DebateGirl1

Yes they are!

  This shouldn't even be a question. Women have proved so many times they are superior to men that it is ridiculous this question is still brought up. Women are the present and the future. They are better due to their superior intelligence and social skills. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.
Wilh3lm says2020-05-15T15:05:33.390
OK you feminist, "superior intelligence"? You haven't seen me.
demo_h says2020-05-29T19:06:39.860
Sexist piece of shit
mjklgh says2020-06-02T21:05:24.577
"Anyone who says otherwise is a fool"

^ Anyone who says this is a whore.
VACCINESWORKSJWSSUCK says2020-06-16T04:49:13.497
Lol, You are a fool you misandrist. Please provide sources.
hellothe says2020-06-21T03:47:21.853
This person is not a feminist. Real feminists want equal rights for everyone.
EricT0010359 says2020-06-27T19:31:48.910
Look even the feminists don't claim you
Wilh3lm says2020-07-05T18:53:01.403
@hellothe there are three types of feminism.
First-wave: equal rights
2nd-wave: workplace equality
3rd-wave: radicals
BID.DADDY says2020-12-02T14:59:50.527
RandomRussian says2021-03-18T15:34:22.603
You need to assess people as indiviuals you cannot say that all women are more inteligent then men and vice versa, Also you don't provide any evidence on your claim so i don't see how you can really assert that those disagreeing with you are foolish when you don't provide any reasoning or evedince to why your claim is correct and others are incorrect, Also debate should be about civil discussion where either side try to persuade another side to see their side, Not by simply stating that your opinion is right no matter what evidence the other could put forth and that those who disagree with you are unwise simply because you are better.
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