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Posted by: DebateGirl1

Girls are better!

  Boys are pathetic and dumb. Not a single boy can beat me because I always have better grades than them in every class and I beat them in every sport. In all the sports class I have been, The boys team always loses against us. The best thing is that they all think they are so smart and strong, It only makes better when you eventually beat them in everything.
Wilh3lm says2020-05-27T14:05:24.743
I can in academics. DO YOU WANNA CHALLENGE ME?
demo_h says2020-05-29T19:05:56.353
Lmao thats because youll cry if they beat you so they go easy.
Grid1242 says2020-05-31T03:22:00.940
Grades mean nothing in terms of how smart you are. Most of the top smartest people in the world are men. There are women, But men dominates mostly. You beating only a small group of people mean nothing, In actual pro sports men are far superior to women. A high school soccer team beat the women's USA National team. The best women tennis player couldn't even beat the 100th best men's tennis player while he was playing around and drunk.
mjklgh says2020-06-02T21:04:53.643

And what are you? If we are pathetic and dumb, That makes you dumber and ugly and creaturish. What does grades have to do with the woman superiority?
EricT001 says2020-06-10T23:44:13.290
If a man and a woman of the same age fought the woman would end up dead
Wilh3lm says2020-07-05T18:53:28.717
Actually, The smartest living person is a woman. . .
bobfasdfsadf says2021-02-04T18:18:12.187
Lol. To all the people saying this well your just saying f**k men we don't need them. Well good luck having kids bye
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