• Yes they are!

    This shouldn't even be a question. Women have proved so many times they are superior to men that it is ridiculous this question is still brought up. Women are the present and the future. They are better due to their superior intelligence and social skills. Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

  • Girls are better!

    Boys are pathetic and dumb. Not a single boy can beat me because I always have better grades than them in every class and I beat them in every sport. In all the sports class I have been, The boys team always loses against us. The best thing is that they all think they are so smart and strong, It only makes better when you eventually beat them in everything.

  • Hell yeah they are!

    They are sexy as f3uck! I fap to them in strip clubs and whorehouses. They are stronger than men for the fact that they are sexier, And they are the ones who birth children. But most importantly, They are sexy. Trust me, I go to strip clubs every day, So I know what I'm talking about.

  • I bet That whoever voted no are men or boys

    Women and girls are superior than men men are dumb lazy and do not get paid enough while women are sexy, Get paid more, And of course they are more smarter and more intelligent than men and boys ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok bye

  • Yes they are

    I am pretty sure that women woman girls females and of course girl students are superior to men and boys because boys are pathetic dumb and more lazy while girls are more responsible more better and of course more smarter boy ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye đź‘‹

  • Yeah women are

    Yes I think that women’s re in fact superior ok and f**k to than if you vote ok adnn is the morning and they should have to give all kids a good time and they should have to give all kids a good time and they should have to give

  • Women are superior

    Yes I think that women are in fact superior to men ok women are superior ok and they should have to give more respect to the women woman girls females and of women women are not inferior to men males and women women should have rights I think that we

  • Yeah women are way superior

    Anyone that says otherwise is a fool ok and no I think that we should have ua we have a good time to celebrate the 4th of course y’all we should have to have a good night and we will celebrate it and have a great day and we have a good day bye bye love y’all bye bye love you bye bye love y’all bye bye

  • Women are way more superior

    Women are way more superior women will rule the world once men realize women will rule the world and of course the world will be a better place if women ruled it ok and yeah I think that women are in fact superior to men men are dumb stink and of course kill a lot

  • Yeah women are superior

    Yes I think that women are way better and of course women are way superior than men Women are smarter nicer people nicer citizens Women are superior in every way of life compared to men Women are superior so many reasons why Women are in fact superior to men ok

  • NO women sholud cook, And clean do my laundry etc

    Go make me a sadwich XD
    this is a joke
    don't be a karen
    mt tmt me me me ok ok okok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok okok okok ok ok ok okok ok ok ok kook ok ok ok okk o ok ok ok okk o

  • I’m not a simp home girl you’re a hypocrite to feminism

    Feminism is in simple terms, Gender equality, And the movement has turned into a radical one, Trying to prove women are the supreme force. Nowadays a man cannot even make a joke without women getting upset, Or even, Men are usually scapegoats, Taught that they are always an antagonist. Women however are accepted for the things they did not want to be called, Like being a whore, Which is now called “being sexually powerful” and nowadays, Women can get away with so much. We are equal, But if you’re a b*tch, Don’t be mad if you’re called out. Me and the boys have no toleration for that. We have equal rights, But we don’t have the equal benefit of the doubt.

  • Yall are some actual dumbasses.

    Statistically? Maybe. But in general? Please just f**k off. You "feminists" wonder why feminist has become an overly memed term, Meanwhile look what you're talking about. How about, We stop debating over this bullshit term, And accept the fact that most of us are equal in one way or another.

  • No they definitely aren’t

    Men are stronger. How much could you squat when you were in high school. We just make you think you are stronger and better at sports cause we are SIMPS and we don’t want to absolutely roast you. If you still think your stronger and better come play me in any sport or exercise

  • We are equal.

    One shouldn't really be considered better than the other. The genders can be different in some ways based on how the body is made, But we should be treated the same. It isn't true that women are more superior. Some men can be better than some women, Some women can be better than some men, And some can be equal.

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