• I've never gotten crap for being a woman...

    But I have gotten crap for being disabled, that's an actually somewhat oppressed group.
    Modern feminists go WAY too far, many ribbing on men, or arguing for "rights" that NO ONE should ever have. They often misrepresent statistics as well, to make a point that doesn't exist. There are places in the world that need feminists, but not here and not this kind. Plus I'm sick of being called a "Trader" when I disagree with them...

  • Men and women are different for a reason

    Girls growing pit hair? Making it illegal for men to pee standing up? Questioning why they can't go shirtless but men can?! Should there even be an explanation for why women simply can't do what men can?! Girls, stop. The whole thing is making me ashamed of being a woman.

  • Equality doesn't mean more rights

    If equality is what feminists are fighting for, them there shouldn't be women rights. Because by having women rights equality doesnt exist anymore. I think women rights should be abolished and everybody should only be entitled to Human Rights, and not women or men rights. If equality is really what they're after, they would notice by now that both men and women are equal. I think feminists only want to get more 'perks' or things to go in their favour.

  • It's no longer useful

    In most first world countries, equality has been achieved, there has only been a concern of lower pay for women, but other than that, it's very equal. The feminist movement started out as something to give women more rights such as being able to vote or not being obligated to be a stay at home mom just cooking and cleaning; now however its aim is just to erase what it means to be a man and a woman and simply make a unisex world. I don't want that.

  • I know I'm probably going to get some fire from this, but it is my firm belief that Feminism went to far to begin with.

    I would like to start this off with one word... FEMINISM. Is it just me or does the name itself reek of sexism and Female superiority. Second I would Just like to send a brief message to all Feminists reading this. " I mean no disrespect to you fine ladies but if you think that not having fare wages, being emotionally abused, or being given Gender stereotypes is oppression then you don't know what real oppression is." Well with that off my chest let me begin. First off, ever since the rise of Feminism, we have been seeing a large increase in break ups and divorces. I know a lot of divorced kids guys and let me tell you that it's a lot harder on them the. It is on you. No child should have to go through that Just because some mom or dad demands more power at home and their precious "equal" rights. Second it seems to me that all these women rights activists are really just in it so that they can have more power at home and in the workplace which would result in more career options, therefore leading to more coin in the coffers. It all comes down to the mulls guys. Well that's my 2 cents worth. If you wanna object or debate me then just post on my wall. Thank you and God bless all women and men.

  • Feminism Isn't The Issue, Extremism Is

    It should first be made clear that bigots and extremists exist in almost every social group, but they are a minority within these groups. Unfortunatly, these people are also the ones making the most noise, and as often is the case, those who shout the loudest garner the most attention. They have attracted attention from the mainstream, hiding behind the moderates of the social group they've hijacked. Feminism is ment to be about the equality of women as compared to men, but these people are not for equality. They simply wish to use the feminist platform to spue their propoganda and dogmas. If anyone disagrees with them then the extremists can make the claim that "you're against equality", and no one wants to be labed as someone who isn't for equality. Feminism itself isn't the problem, it's the bigots within feminism. They are the ones that need to be dealt with.

  • Feminist go too overboard

    I think feminism goes too overboard, I'm a female and i live in america. Yes, I do think we need rights and all that stuff. But I also think girls are too sensitive. Like for instance, Barbie. They think she an unrealistic version of what a female is supposed to look like and can lower self esteem. Its a childs toy!!! I don't see how it can lower a little girls self esteem, unless the adult sees it like that.. I think they should just leave it alone, the child has no problem with it so what's the big whoop???

  • Feminism today is "Female>Male". Oh it's gone too damn far!

    Now in my country India, there are many places where the feminist wave hasn't quite reached yet, but wherever it has, it has gone quite a bit too far. There's a vulgar saying(rhyme) doing the rounds in my university; it's literal translation in English would be: "The vagina is always let off the hook, while the penis is always punished". And its quite true. In our educational system, upto 30% of the total marks may be awarded by the faculty(the figure varies between universities). While the best of us boys never get more than 85%(around 22/25), none of the girls ever get awarded under 90%! And what for? Most of the girls here hardly work for 6-8 years after graduation, because they end up as housewives!
    It's no secret that the punishment for a female criminal is less severe compared to a male criminal for the same crime. But why?
    Here's another one: if a man is beating up or abusing a woman in public, then either the police arrive within 100 seconds or the bystanders beat up the guy. If a woman is beating a man, no one cares. People say things like "he probably wastes money on alcohol" or "he was probably cheating on her". But does he get any aid? NO.
    Okay, it's true that men are physically more advanced than women, but all of THIS? It's total overcompensation. I'm afraid that the day is not far when we'll have headlines like "3-year old boy raped" or "man castrated in public". Don't get me wrong. I'm all for gender equality, punishment of rapists etc. But this isn't equality. This is EVIL.. FEMINISTS ARE EVIL!

  • It's about revenge not equality now

    I got a flyer for a feminist bake sale, men had to pay $1.50 for a treat, women had to pay .50 cents. Like I had already wronged society for having a penis, they are shaming men in the same way they were previously shamed. I believe in equal opportunity for all gender and races, I believe that systematic racism and gender inequality are still prevalent and need to be taught in school but feminists miss the point when they post angry or "sassy" videos with sharp dialect or treat men poorly, most men agree, you're aiming to sway the bigots not enrage to moderates.

  • Feminists are supremacists

    I look at the news and I see divorce articles where the woman always gets the child because the man is too busy with work to raise the child or not busy enough with work to support the child. I see women's rights organizations protesting video games because of the 'Damsel in Distress' trope, even though there are thousands of games out there where women are the main characters and heroes. I see millions of women dressing up as men and it's all fine, but god forbid a man dresses as a woman! Women get lighter crime sentences now, women have a higher priority in many workplaces now with higher pay than men, they have what they wanted but now they won't stop until it's the complete opposite of how things used to be.

  • Not far enough!

    No way. Let them take it even farther, I say. The more they push, the more they turn The System into a tool for destroying men, the more men will just say "To hell with it" and walk away from them, not even considering them for anything more than a pump & dump (making sure to give a fake name and the number of a prepaid, no-contract cell phone).

    Let them finish the destruction they've started. This society has become sick and needs to go. So let the women finish destroying it. I'll be fishing, lifting weights, hanging out with my friends, and just enjoying life, now that I've learned how life can be AWESOME if you just eliminate females from it.

    Thanks feminists! Thanks women, with your entitlement attitudes and total disdain for anyone who isn't in the top 2% of men! I am more than just a walking, talking wallet, but since you refuse to treat men who aren't in that top 2% as anything other than a wallet, I have no need for you.

  • Learn the term!!!!

    First of all, the topic of this debate is to establish whether or not “Women now a days are too feminist”. In order to fully understand this statement we must first define feminism. Despite what many people here think, a feminist is not someone who sees women as superior or sees men as inferior. A feminist is definitely not someone who is “anti-men”. Sadly, this has been the definition given to a feminism by society. Popular usage does NOT define a term. The literal meaning of a feminist is someone who advocates women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Allow me to repeat myself, EQUALITY OF THE SEXES AKA EQUALITY FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN!

  • Feminism will never be enough

    Feminism will always be needed until the world ends, because women will always be looked down by society. Gender stereotypes will always exist, and in an extent, women will always be seen as the submissive sex. Even after the feminist movement, women are still discriminated in the society and will never really be seen as equal to men.

  • No it hasn't, we are far from equality so we must go further

    Feminism needs to go further as recently it has gone to 'white feminism' ignoring women of other races and also people who don't conform to society's gender binaries
    Not enough people support the feminist movement- it benefits everyone so why won't everyone support it?
    It is NOT about women > men it is equality of the two fullstop.

  • Actually doing my research

    I am researching about inequality in different countries, and I know people think women are equal. But they are not. Science proves this and that is why it is hard to understand people thinking that things like the wage gap is a myth. It has been proven women in the states earn 77 cents of every dollar men earn, and that is only white women. In Norway if there is not a decided equal pay, women will earn 86% of what women earn. Global participation rate of women in national-level parlament is 23.3%. U.S have only 19.1% of women in government.
    So if you think feminists stand for women wanting more than men and want to have all power over men, then you are thinking of misandry, women who are "feminazis".

  • Here's a radical notion - Women are people!

    As previously stated "This question should be changed to "Is radical feminism becoming too predominant in society?". I couldn't agree more, and that is unfortunate. Having said that, I cannot believe how ignorant some of these posts are. And by ignorant I mean uneducated. I am extremely frustrated that all feminists are being put into one category. It is unfortunate that there are radical feminists and I completely understand that some of you have had bad experiences with women, especially to the individual that is stating that he/she is more than just a wallet. As for equality, this word means different things to everyone. My view of equality is providing everyone with equal opportunity by allowing them the tools they require and this means REGARDLESS of race, age, sexual orientation, gender identity etc... Women have been oppressed in the past, and yes, as a society we have come a long way; however, the problem still exists in society. I agree that women's rights and men's rights should simply be HUMAN rights. Because I am a feminist and it is my belief that Women are people too and should be allowed to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

  • Radical feminism isn't feminism

    Real, honest feminists will tell you one thing. Men are equal to women, women are equal to men. Both should be appreciate and treated the same way. Anything extreme or anything with double standards is not feminism. The reason why more people think feminism is going too far is because they are only exposed to the radical cases. There are many feminists, such as myself, who agree that there are double standards which should be taken care of. We care just as much about men's rights as our own. This question should be changed to "Is radical feminism becoming too predominant in society?". Then I would vote yes.

  • Some are, some are not.

    Some of it depends on the feminist's past. Maybe she had some bad experience with men, so she became a feminist. Not even a real one because she doesn't support women, but the opposite with men, thinking they should have less rights. She just searches for an excuse to be one. Others (who can also be men) become feminists because they actually believe in equality for women. Real feminists will look at the other side of the argument thinking what a masculinity supporter would think and take note of it, making sure their opinions aren't biased. While extremists will just go straight to their opinion on how men don't deserve any rights.

    So to state my conclusion, REAL feminists never take it too far. Only extremists who aren't actually ones because they only support anti-masculinity, and not feminine equality.

  • Why are people going insane

    Why did feminism start? Yeah it was because women wanted to be able to vote like men. I don't understand why people treat men and female differently I really don't. People think that feminism has changed actually no it hasn't. Women still get paid less than men for no reason. I'm not feminist or anything. I think it's not fair that Men and Women get treated so differently. It's okay for a women to slap a guy but not the other way round. It's okay for a man to build a house but not the other way round. Think about this quote I think it's interesting "A man in a room surrounded by women would think he's in luxury, While a women in a room surrounded by men would be terrified"

  • The feminism being referred to in this poll is not real feminism.

    Society today seems to be under the unfortunate impression that 'feminism' means 'support for female supremacy'. But in reality, actual feminists are in pursuit of equality between the genders. Feminism is, by definition, "the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes." Not "women are better than men and deserve special privileges, and the tables should turn to discriminate against men." Some people (particularly the ones who support RADICAL feminism) most definitely do take things too far and blow many things out of proportion. But generalizing all feminists as radicals and accusing them of taking feminism too far is unfair. REAL feminism has not been taken too far.

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