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  • Women are making headway into comedy but still lag behind men.

    According to Paste Magazine, only four out of the top twenty comedians of 2013 are women. The major networks have male hosts of the Night Show and other talk shows. Women are represented by Ellen De generous. Women are even underrepresented in the music industry when you consider the number of males in the bands, and women are generally only the lead singers.

    There is age bias to women in entertainment. Women are generally considered over the hill when they top age forty or fifty, while men maintain their popularity and sex appeal, especially musicians such as the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles.

  • White men in late night.

    No, women are not taking over comedy, movies and music, because they are still only a small number of comedians, actors, and musicians. All of the people who are on late night, like Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Letterman and now Steven Colbert are white males. No woman or minority has ever been given the chance.

  • No, Women are not Taking Over Comedy, Movies, and Music.

    No, women are not taking over comedy, movies, and music. I believe that women are simply becoming more prominent in the industry as gender hierarchies are broken down. As equal rights for women and men increase, women are expected to be seen more in prominent social status. This, however, does not mean that they are taking over the comedy, movies, and music industry.

  • No More Than Usual

    I do not believe women are taking over comedy, movies, or music. The comedy field is still rife with men and it always will be. I've watched a fair amount of female comedians and I like some of them, but they're not poised to take it over. Most movie directors are male, that's just simple fact. The music industry still heavily depends on males. Most of your sound technicians will be male, females are very rare in this field of work.

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