• Yes they are

    Since ancient times women have been considered the property of their husbands. They are designed to cook, clean and care for their husband and children. Before they are married they are the property of their fathers. Anyone who disagrees is stupid and has some major reading up to do. Enough said.

  • Woman are slaves to men

    The woman is a slave to the man therefore she is his property. The woman's role on the earth is to clean, cook, slave for the hubby and provide pleasure. My fellow partner and i study the rights of women at the university of mens rights and we have very many arguments to go along with this go to our website http://mensrights.women>have—

  • Yes women are the property of their husbands: Marriage is not some weird equal partnership. Men and women are not the same.

    For ages people accepted that children were the property of their fathers and then after marriage, women were the property of their husbands. This universal truth can be found in most religions around the world before they got corrupted. Feminism came in and screwed people's minds, corrupting wonderful real marriage into a disgusting perverted equal partnership. This forced most people to reinterpret their beliefs.

    The woman was made for the man and not vice versa. The man is under obligation to protect and provide for his wife, not vice versa. The woman is his help-meet and under his loving authority. She excels at being a wonderful wife and mother and raising up the next generation wisely. Also, both of them must mutually satisfy their sexual needs. This is true patriarchy, the bedrock of civilisation. It's a pity that the modern world has moved so far from truth and sense.

    Being property doesn't mean being a slave. While slaves were property, all who are property are NOT slaves. Husbands own their wives in a different way from the way they own their children which in turn is very different from the way they owned slaves in the past.
    Men cannot abuse their wives or "do as they please(in a negative sense)". They have duties and responsibilities and are to love and protect their wives, not abuse them.

    Real Fathers and real husbands have been shot down by the deception called "gender equality" and in their place buffoons, nincompoops, white knights, manginas and emasculated men have arisen. Also, women have transformed themselves into something that didn't exist before.

  • Women's natural role is to serve and be owned.

    While it may sound harsh or brutal to say that, in many aspects it's true. It's traceable to the survival of the species. Naturally, the man's role is to be the provider and the protector, while woman's evolutionary resources are focused on child-bearing, child-raising and tending to the home and family. These evolutionary traits tend make the wife the more subservient and the husband more dominant in the relationship. She "belongs" to him in a very real sense - her life and that of her children on him, and she intuitively acts in a manner reflecting this. She must depend on her appealing ways to keep him from straying, and therefore acts in ways to please him - cooking, cleaning, taking care of him sexually, and bending to his will. He has a responsibility to her to be kind, loving and non-abusive. However, if she should behave in an unpleasing manner, he has the right to lightly punish her. This is simply a warning sign - it reminds her of her role, and, chastened, she becomes the loving, submissive wife that he dedicates his resources to providing for.

  • Wives are property.

    After marriage , a wife should enter her husband's house wearing her wedding gown and carrying nothing else. Then she should never leave that house again, she will spend the rest of her life there. Once in her husband should strip her and throw the gown away. From then on she will spend the rest of her life nude in her husband's house serving him. She will clean , cook , do the laundry and chores. She should also be kept pregnant as much as possible.

  • Yes, women should be the property of their husbands

    They should be in the kitchen making my sandwiches and cleaning my room and house, it is my house. She must also take care of the kids when I go out on the weekends. If she refuses I will beat her. I will still love her the same, but I have to make sure she doesn't leave with half of my money.

  • Women are inept to be independent

    The fact that ever since suffrage the country has gone in a downward spiral is proof of their poor decision making. Most women can't pick a movie or place to eat how can they pick a politician or make any good life decisions. Their small brains can't comprehend future events, cause and effect, or see other possible pit falls in their view. The fact they cannot logically debate is proof enough. Often emotional in their decisions they make wrong choices constantly. First women's movement was to end alcohol. How did that turn out. The largest failure if a government resources and execution of law ever. It created organized crime. It created a black market and for what because they couldn't take a punch. They had it easy back then, just raise the kids. Though a small percentage did have difficulties. Some of them were beaten or the husbands hard earned wages if the man were spent on Friday at the saloon they had to ruin generations to come. Not to mention the abolitionist. Women have made the worst choices. I like they're current political view that we should support socialist like Bernie Sanders. Let's be exactly like Venezuela or Greece. Yup free everything is always best.

  • Yes women must obey and follow their husbands

    No matter how feminists we all are, our true satisfaction is when we obey and serve our husbands. The word husband means “master of the house”. A wife belongs to her husband. Her duty is to stay at home, serve, obey and respect him. The husband can treat her as his belonging and demand anything from her. She should wait on him hand to foot and submit to him completely. Only then will there be minium divorce rates and true harmony in the society.

  • She has signed an agreement that acknowledges that she is Owned and is Chattel Property.

    We are married for 8 years and the Chattel Property agreement is framed and hangs in our bedroom. In the privacy of our bedroom she is owned. Her sister is aware of the signed document and her daughter who is 21, recently became aware of our arrangement. She gives of herself completely...Body and soul.

  • Pleased to Obey Him

    My first obligation is to serve and worship the Lord God; my second obligation is to love and serve my husband. Yes, I belong to him. I dress and behave as a lady ought to, And I only look toward him, Public and private. My body belongs to him and he may do as he likes with it (hopefully with respect and love, But it's his right if he doesn't feel respect for me at the time; I must have failed in some area). I am pleased to do as he likes, When he likes. I hold his hand, But I walk one step behind. When he speaks to others, I stand one step back. I am not his equal; he is the head of our household. I do not spend his money without discussing my purchase with him, First. I greet him in the evening with a smile; his supper is almost never late, And I serve him. I listen to him, And if he would like advice, I give it. I keep my weight quite trim and dress nicely for him. It is my pleasure to serve him. In return, He protects me and he is kind to me - as a husband ought to be.

    Yes, Men, Ladies like me do exist. We aren't extinct. Keep up hope that you will find a lady who will respect you as you should be respected and obeyed. And no, I'm probably not from some other generation as you. I am just old enough to be wise; young enough to be lively. And I LOVE my husband.

    I am certain I will take some heated replies from other ladies for my beliefs and stance, But I wish those ladies to think: Who is happy in their marriage and has kept that marriage intact? - I have. :)

  • Certainly Not: Husbands Have No Ownership Rights, Wives Are Equal Members Of The Team/Duo:

    A family is like a team and both husband and wife are equal team leaders.
    Many families now have the husband staying home and minding the children while wife pursues a valuable career. Working as a team solves family issues far better and with less stress. Dominant males in many marriages that assert superiority are psychopaths and the family suffers greatly from such monsters. Families where they work as a team, are more prosperous and harmonious. The children suffer less stress and don't get away with just appealing to the dominant male for favors, they have to satisfy both team leaders to get rewards and favors. Making it a democratic environment and a healthy environment. The concept of Male ownership of women is definitely out-dated and archaic. I have witnessed women who have been beaten and stabbed in such relationships when they break down, due to society encouraging psychopathic husband dominated marriages.

  • No you do not control us!

    Whoever dare thinks women are "owned" by a male needs some sense knocked into them! If a male ever tried to own me they'd be sorry real quick. And for the idiots that said yes, it doesnt matter that in previous years we didnt have independence. Its cuz u losers are power obsessed and think you are a man. YOU ARE NOT A MAN IF YOU THINK WOMEN BELONG BEING RULED BY YOU. I'll make my own life and wont let bastards like you try to stop me. So dont think that you own us cuz we are important unlike you. Go back to your cave and dont come out. Cuz if u havnt noticed by now, women rule a lot more than u ever will. So take your thoughts and shove them where the sun dont shine -.-

  • No, they are not. Such notions are disgusting.

    Women are equals with men, and have every right to be treated as such. Any notion of a human owning another human is tantamount to slavery. We are equals and partners in life. I would say more, but Sagey basically said everything I was going to. I genuinely hope that the author of this topic is a troll.

  • It is inhumane to own another human being

    The "owning" of a human being is so very inhumane, it makes me sick to my stomach. If you say that women are property of their husband/father/son/brother, you are a sick, sick, little man who has not caught up with times. All men AND women are born with equal rights, whether you are rich, poor, black or white. If you think that women are property of their husbands, you need to go take a history lessen and go to a clinic.

  • I thought slavery was a criminal act?

    Hence, any 'ownership' of a woman would be an act of slavery and subject to legal action. Women may be the weaker partner, but are certainly not owned. Anyone who suggests a person who has the ability to love, to care, to feel, to have undying passions and dreams can be owned is a cold, unfeeling individual.

  • Say no to theocracy

    People are not property and cannot be owned, bought or sold. That is a crime against humanity to OWN somebody; that is slavery. A wife is not property of a husband. Saying "yes" means you support slavery. It means that you are a chauvinistic pig that will not being getting laid in the future. WOMEN AREN'T PROPERTIES THAT CAN BE SOLD OR PRICED. THEY'RE PEOPLE WITH EMOTIONS AND SENTIMENTS DAMMIT!

  • 21st century people?

    "Owning" a person is slavery, I believe. It sickens me to know that there are still people who believe in owning women as their wives in the 21st century. Just because we have the capability to have children and we have a vagina does NOT mean that we are owned to men! Owning something (or in this case, "someone") means that you can do what ever you want with what you own. Women are people, so are men! We deserve respect too! Please take your minds back to the present, unlike some people who are still in the 1870s.


    A woman is not any property at all!!! They are on their own and independent, and unlike men, they do not need the other gender to survivve. Women and men are equal, and there is no doubt about that. If someone disagrees, they should have a good reason why because just saying "Oh! It says so in the bible!!!" Is not right!!!! Judjing people on their genitals, is like judging a bird on the color of its feathers. No one realizes, why dont men try walking in heels all day, and shoving a baby out of their genitals for 9 months!!!! I am sorry that those of you think that way, but you are pigs.

  • Never a man's property

    For a woman to be considered property is the worst kind of abuse. A piece of paper that has TWO signature's of HUSBAND and WIFE NOT OWNER!! IF a woman agree's to marry a man it's of her own free will but it should never be considered as ownership. I abhor the idea of ANY man thinking he could or would ever own me. That's the beauty of divorce and I AM GLAD it's there to end marriages to men like my ex was. I do not believe for a single second a woman is a man's property in any way shape or form. In case it's overlooked dowry's aren't used in the United States so OWNERSHIP is a misogynistic way of thinking. Women DO NOT serve men we aren't born to be a man's sex slave or whatever other b.S. That is used to justify a man's disposition and misconception of that ludicrous idea. I believe it takes two to be happy in a marriage yes but ownership hasn't ever been a part of it. If a person is happy being "owned" that's their prerogative but I for one think it's antiquated and beyond stupid.

  • What even is this?

    I don't know about you guys, but basing one's competence on their genitals is kind of stupid, don't you think?
    No, but seriously. Women don't exist to cater to your sexual appetites, they don't exist to bear children and then be thrown out like an old microwave, they don't exist to use their "unintelligent" minds to clean the house and twiddle their thumbs to wait for "their men" to come home, they don't exist to be flaunted around like some trophy, they don't exist to be used as scapegoats for when you make a bad impression, they don't exist to boost your self confidence, and they certainly don't exist to submit to people who can't clean their own fucking balls.
    *obligatory mic drop*

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No, they are a team
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