• Women are useless! (in my opinion)

    Well, to get started; who fights in wars? Who creates and advances technology? Who are the majority of the workers? What gender are the majority of the inventors? Women are completely useless (in my opinion) men can and have been pregnant before , whilst women without men have never been pregnant before .

  • 4 Billion More Neurons!

    Men have on the average of 23 billion neurons in their cerebral cortex, whereas women only have on the average of 19 billion. The more neurons there are in the cerebral cortex, the greater one has the ability to think, reason and have creative thought - the highest brain function in homo sapiens. This is why 97% of the world's greatest artists, scientists, inventors and philosophers are men. This is also why women are so incredibly slow at almost everything they do and why they are into shallow entertainment, like soap operas.

  • Women are the weaker sex

    Women are the weaker sex because even though they have to go through pregnancy and periods we have to listen to them complain about it all the time. If men had to go through these things they would handle it much better and wouldn't complain about it every day. Men are also physically dominant in every single way.

  • Definition of weaker: Physically inferior.

    There is no argument here that women are physically weaker than men. And neither should I have to argue it. But the fact that there are people who would argue that the average women is equal in strength to the average man, which being ridiculously false, is that such claims result because people want it to be true. Women wish for equality and dominance where possible over men in every area. This includes physique. However, nature doesn't bow to the whims of people who want it to be so. Women are physically weaker than males naturally and that has never changed.

  • The answer lies in "sports"

    If women were physically equal to men then why is there gender bias in sports? Why men's championship and women's championship? Please don't debate by saying women are less vulnerable to this or that ! Women are more vulnerable to being raped single-handed ly by a man ! Do you people really think women can outclass men in sports?

  • You're joking, right?

    If women are man's equal, why don't they just repeal the rape laws, since an equal woman should be able to fight off her attacker? This is a ridiculous debate. Women have become jealous of men in every way possible. They no longer know how to appreciate who they are.

  • We aren't created equal

    I find it funny that almost every no vote is followed by a comment on childbirth. Women get to carry a child... You're welcome! Women complain about their periods and painful childbirth. It's not our fault you ate the apple. The only thing you have going for your argument is that you got us to eat the damn Apple as well. Women are physically inferior to men. Don't get angry, you're designed that way for a reason. If you were rough and tough we wouldn't put you in the situation you like to complain about (pregnancy).

  • Are women the weaker sex?

    Of course, women have 30% less lower body strength and 50% less upper body strength than men. That is a biological fact. Men, who produce more testosterone are also more aggressive on average. Without affirmative action and special laws, women, on average will be relegated to a more submissive status. Let's look back in history to the dawn in time, shall we?

  • Yes they are weaker!

    Yes they are weaker beacause beacause : If we (men) had not accepted to be kind and respectful and gave them everything they want it.. It would be just like Saudi Arabia where men there do not give women anything.. And they cannot have anything cause men are stronger and even if they try they will never strong enough to fight closed minded men.. Feminist are crying babies asking for things.. And they are so jealous of men to be grateful to any men..

  • They have more propensity to complain

    Women in general can be independent, but usually this is a sign that they're hiding an inner layer of insecurity and nervousness. They can be like that, even unconsciously. A few women can actually go ahead and do things, but the majority, especially the young ones, only complain of things without solving anything.

  • NO, absolutely not!

    The truth is that, yes, men are generally physically stronger than women. It's a fact and the feminists are foolish to deny that. BUT, there are many cases in which women are stronger than men

    multi tasking- studies do show that women tend to be better multi taskers than men. Although some still deny this

    emotion- women do tend to be more emotional than men but because of this, they are better at feeling others emotions than men are

    flexibility- Women are often more flexible than men. Their longer, more elastic muscles enable them to outperform men in flexibility tasks. Women also recover more quickly than men after a bout of exercise. When men gain strength and size, their bodies often develop more fast twitch muscle fibers than slow-twitch muscle fibers.

    Agility and balance- due to men generally being heavier and having a higher center of gravity than women, women tend to be more agile and are better at balance. This is why women do the beam in gymnastics and men do not

    colour seeing- women are usually better at seeing the difference between similar colours than men. I can see this is why more women are interior designers than men because men will be like 'what's the difference? They're basically the same.'

    caregivers- although some feminists will be repulsed by this, women are generally better caregivers than men. That is why jobs such as nursing, nursery and primary school teaching are dominated by women.

    Immunity- men actually have weaker immune systems than women. That's why you see men whining more about a cold than a woman. I don't know why this is but i think it has something to do with hormones

    We live longer!- Women tend to live longer than men by about 5-10 years. No wonder England's longest reigning monarch is a woman!

    I'm not gonna put the myth that women have a higher pain tolerance because it's all a big confusion.

    So i hope you women out there feel better about yourselves and i hope you mysogynistic men out there will come to respect the fact that you are not dominant in EVERYTHING!

  • No, physical strength isn't the only measure.

    No, women are not the weaker sex. While it is true that, on average, women have less muscular strength than men, especially upper body strength, this is not the only way to measure. Women possess strength in a number of important areas, including ability to endure suffering for extended periods of time and a higher pain threshold.

  • Definition of weaker: Physically inferior

    Definition of weaker: Physically inferior. While there is no question that men are physically stronger than women in terms of muscle and size, women possess the physical ability to do something that a mans body would never be capable of; child birth. Women not only maintain there reproductive organs my menstruating throughout almost there entire lives, but in the nine months of pregnancy they give up about half of their bodies nutrients to the baby and still manage to work and complete everyday tasks with only half of the nutrients of a non-pregnant human being. Not to mention the intense physical strength and endurance it takes to give birth. Men have only 1 roll in the reproductive cycle and although it is important it doesnt even take a fraction of the strength it takes to be pregnant or have a baby. Women are stronger in some areas such as childbirth, and men are stronger in the sense that they generally have greater muscle mas. Men and women are equally strong in different ways. However the womens strength is mandatory for reproduction and the mans is not nearly as useful.

  • Men are stronger, who says?

    On average, women are better at multitasking, their immune systems age slower, have two X chromosomes which allow them to contain more genes, have more college graduation rates, and despite what many men have said, "I'll admit women are stronger when they will die for their man" don't women literally bleed every single month until they are pregnant? Also, without modern technology women would literally die during childbirth- a pain men don't to deal with. So yes, in those way women are stronger. Yes, women tend to be more emotional then men but that is because it isn't frowned upon by our society for women to cry- if men did it they would be teased. Also, women are able to read faces and be more empathetic and due to these two factors women are better at lying. When it comes to cloning, you have to have a woman! You cannot have two men, but you can have two women. Why? Well, it's easier to rip a leg of the X then grow a new one! Also, I noticed some "Yes" opinions said that women are weaker because we need laws to protect them. Here's my argument for that, we have laws to protect them because many of those offenses are done by men because they cannot control themselves. Speaking of men not being able to control themselves, go look at the ratio of men to women who commit crimes. I dare you. Most of this not being able to control themselves is because of testosterone's habit of making you more aggressive. Also, for people who claim women did nothing for history just remember the most feared pirate was a Chinese woman, the person who discovered what our universe was made of was a woman, and the person who invented the first super hero with a secret identity was a women. Think about those things please.

  • You're kidding me, right?

    Girls start getting their periods at the age of 9 (in most cases/ usually) and none of you guys know how painful that is until you actually get it. I know girls that take up to 7 pills on their first day.
    Before women give birth, they carry the baby around everywhere for 9 months and you still call women weak?
    Emotionally though it may be different for women.
    I wouldn't call it weakness at all it's more like fragility and some guys are emotionally fragile as well. One guy went down on one knee for me and cried and begged me until I took the flowers he got for me..

  • Girls are stronger

    You should not judge women because we are 'weaker than men' girls give birth and that is the most painful thing ever and men could never ever do that and there are men that think they are better but that's not fair because life should not that. Ever it is wrong

  • What kind of question is this?

    Females have more responsibility than a male meaning that they do more than a male does in the families. We all know that males work and that they have to be the only ones to work but then at the end of the day Women with hold more responsibility. Really they do. They have to raise kids and clean, make diner and keep her family happy. I'm a male and yes Gay. Woman's are a stronger sex. Go woman's

  • Women are just as capable

    Women, while they may not be as strong as men physically, can work just as hard, do just as good of a job, and therefore, deserve to be considered equal. With the world evolving, it's not a matter of physical strength, it's now easier to survive, and women should be able to obtain just as well paying jobs for the same amount of work, and their brains are usually more thoughtful than men.

  • No, Not true

    Every since I learned the rolls of male and female , i hated my sex, female. I preferred to be the one who was allowed to fight, could protect people and not be the one to hear the father say to the husbands bride" watch after my girl." Anyways it depends on the person , personally men do have diffrent figured then women . But this DOSENOT make them weaker, women are stereotypically weaker cuz they don't have the need to work out, infCf women are known to have more potential chemical for burning fat and building muscle then men, but it's hard for them to tap into it(LOOK IT UP THO) . If we meaning women worked out as much as men we would probably be stronger. This crap does t even matter tho , I responded cuz this needs to be heard

  • Are we Really?

    If Men are so much stronger than Women, then how do you prove it? You most likely cant. Women can lift things just as men can, women do just as good at their jobs, etc. So why have women no been able to vote, to own land, to have a JOB in some cases. Women were and sometimes today are called "house wives", why? Why are we called the weaker sex? Why aren't men the weaker sex? Not to offend any men. Anyways my point stands tall, Women ARE NOT the weaker sex

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Anonymous says2013-05-17T02:06:13.630
This debate is rather vague. In terms of strength yes women are weaker. In terms of mental toughness it is a bit harder to judge. Women are probably more resilient to pain than men without conditioning however men may be more capable of handling stressful situations as men have evolved to be the ones to do dangerous tasks like hunting however none of these are definitive. Good question but it needs to be defined better.
Leon746 says2020-04-28T11:10:38.070
Women are weaker in both mind and body when compared to men. Surprised it has even come to a debate.
Leon746 says2020-04-28T11:13:50.137
The only reason the no side are unjustifiably ahead is because it is made up of biased delusional comments from feminist women.
WorldQuestioneer says2021-09-29T13:33:23.033
There's got to be some advantages of men over women, Besides size and strength.
Why not use eugenics to make men stronger? Or, Genetically modify the Y chromosome. Use genetic engineering to improve the Y chromosome.
I'd be surprised if women that look more masculine were weaker and men that look more feminine are stronger. I'm pretty much sure it only has to do with sex/gender, Not with physical appearance. I could be wrong though.
I'd be surprised if testosterone made men more emotionally fragile and estrogen and progesterone made women more emotionally strong.

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