• There are 3 types of lies

    People make far too big a deal out of the nonexistent victims of sexism, a fad that while ocassionaly still practiced by bigots, went out of style long ago. A leading statistic shows that woman on average get 70% of what men earn, but what people tend not to notice is how women work about 70% of the hours that guys do. The fact is there are more women in "soft" fields such as child care and teaching and fields that require less time. It might just be that women have greater priorities than money, and show that through choice of jobs.

  • They are equal

    They are equal because they are just like men. Women don't deserve to be judged because we are all human that doesn't mean we women deserve to be treated badly when the people think we did a wrong action. Men don't understand the brain of women, women don't understand the brain of men. Nobody is perfect. Point the basic facts out peoples!

  • Sadly not today

    One very recent example of women not being truly equal is the Kesha court case with sony because she isn't allowed to break her contract even though she was raped but former one direction member Zayn Malik was allowed to break his contract for being unhappy but Kesha cant break hers for being raped

  • Women are not truly equal in modern America

    The reason that I think women are not truly equal in modern America is because that we think of women being weaker than men. The reason this will always be the case, until something changes, is because women do not let us treat them equal even if we do try to treat them on the same level as men. The moment we do something like trying to hit a women it will go back to "what are you doing she is a woman" no matter what the case. My example might be poor but the truth is women will always use this an a excuse to try and not do things men would easily do to other men.

  • I wish!!! --

    Even though we were indeed born human if I was to get a job as a teacher (I am female) and then a man who was exactly the same education and qualified for the job, and we both got a job identical to eachother the man would get paid more. If you are at a school and teachers need help moving stuff they would call over a radio for two boys or more boys. This is because boys are treated differently and aren't thought of to be weak. If a boy is not very strong you would compare him to a girl.

  • Not quite there yet

    Legally, perhaps. Economically and politically, representation is problematically unequal. Socially, prejudices still abound. No thanks to the conservative right. 100% of the 31 senators who voted against the Violence Against Women Act were Republican, and they regularly have discussions about how women becoming the primary breadwinners is endangering traditional family values and corrupting our society.

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