• We are the gift

    Women are much more calm, peaceful, loving, kind, nurturing, intelligent, and emotionally stronger than men. These are all qualities which our world needs. Look what happened, our world is slowly decaying. See what happens when we put the trust in men. Women are the people who hold our world up. We are the gift of life to the world from God

  • Women don't have evil in their hearts, men do.

    Women are God's gift to the world. The people who disagree with this statement are totally ignorant. Men, nearly all of them, have evil in their hearts, no matter how small the amount is. And, if unchecked, most men will commit crime. Women, on the other hand are naturally peaceful, kind, and beautiful.Most of those who answered NO probably think of women as "crazy." The only crazy woman is one who has been abused, and feels unsafe or insecure. If men understood how to make women feel safe and protected, women would not act so "crazy", there would be far fewer conflicts in the world, and, as a whole, society would be much happier. Stop saying that women are crazy, and go tell your wife, gf that you love her.

  • Yes I think so!

    Woman are the ones who have to go through all of the pregnancy so there is happiness in the world. And yes I am making Vagina in a defense! Without woman, there would be no people. And without men there would be no people as well, but I think guys all know a little bit inside that we/woman have a big part in this circumstance. No competition, (well, for me a little bit xD), but God made us as a gift. But they made men a gift too.

  • Yes,indeed they are.

    Women are Gods gift to society because they are the nurturers, the ones that you lean on in times of stress for emotional comfort,and some even say that they are more intelligent than men. At any rate,God created woman because Adam did get lonely for a companion, and we all need companions in life.

  • Women- Always a gift of God.

    Men may have only 10 to 15 minutes of job. But its the women who have to bear the men's doings for 10 months and still how can the society support that women are not the Gifts Of God?
    Its bull shit. There is a part of men. That's true. But to create a new life, its the women who play the part.
    Men must repent for the wrong doing they commit on women and nowadays on small girl children also... Shame on the part of men...

  • As a man I think so

    I think that women are amazing. As a man I think that women are a gift to us men. Women have qualities that men don't have and vice versa. The two supplement each other very well. Woman's task is to create a family and make sure that everything is fine in the family (also a bit a man task). A man is more aggressive, and are made to lead the world. It is not okay to say its men's fault that world is bad, or in decay. A woman is very strong in her expertise, as is man in his. A woman has an task in the world, as man.

  • Ofcourse we are

    Now you all are getting a bit off topic. This isn't about who's better, men or women. It doesn't say anything about men. Both men and women are God's gift, They are both great in their own ways. We are a great, dominant species, and we are all special one way or another.

  • Yes I believe Women are God's we produce in my oppion.

    We are the creators of the universe with a small portion of the male to help us produce.We carry that seed into a human form for 9 months male or female sometimes multiple of babies at one time.We are the nuturers of the universe and we now work take care of all of the bills children other family members and play so many roles when a male couldn't handle just 2 of those alone.Ive often questioned who made men the first.Yea most men are stronger in strength but now have women that are body builders we can do everything that a man can do now even have babies without the penis being inserted

  • There is No God to Gift Them

    As we all know, god is a fabrication made by some in order to deny the existence of the Giant Magic Pastry. The GMP is the one who gifted women to the world, and this god character is just trying to steal his thunder! The GMP is clearly the one who created them, and anyone who claims otherwise simply wishes to eat baked goods without feeling guilt!

  • It'd be gender discrimination to say yes.

    Another example of rampant feminism. Women start to think that they're doing men and the world a great favour.
    WOMEN ARE NO GIFT. Neither are men. They're two sides of humanity. And to all those women making vagina arguments, I would only like to say this: SPERMS COME FIRST :-P

  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hell f***ing no!

    Thats just some bullsh** that women tell themselves to think better of themselves in society... Women are certainly not God's gift to the world, in fact theyre a bit of a pain in the a**. God's true gift to the world is without a doubt: The internet, and those who think otherwise tend to be women who think the Universe revolves around them...

  • Life is God's gift to us all

    Why would women be God's gift, or anyone's gift to this world? This is a very feminist statement, and anyone who posted 'Men are God's gift to this world' would be called out as a woman hater.

    Women have different traits than men. This does not make them better or worse. Just like how you have both a liver and a brain. Neither is 'better' than the other, as both as needed to live.

  • According to biology, men would be the better answer here.

    Creationist theory likes to suggest that the male sex came first, and then the female sex. What biology has taught us, is that this most likely isn't so, as all fetuses are anatomically female until a certain point in the development of the fetus, whereby the relevant sex hormone is flooded throughout the fetus. This hormonal flooding is when a prenatal bio-sex male actually begins to develop differently from a bio-sex female.

  • Don't be silly!

    Women are not Gods gift to the world, God created both men and women as equals. The women may have to go through pregnancy and deliver the babies, but you cant have a baby without both of the ingredients. Women and men are all equally a gift to benefit life. When it comes to who is better or if women are a gift the answer should be seen as a clear and obvious no.

  • There is no God

    Self explanatory. There is not God, so there is no God to give women to the world, so women are not God's gift to the world.

    Men and women work together to reproduce to keep the species going, which is common in all animals that reproduce sexually. Men and women are equally important to the world, so I wouldn't refer to either one as a "gift".

  • No of course not.

    Women cannot be "gods" gift to there world because god does not exist. We are all human beings birthed from the sand of time. We have evolved into the creature we are today. These intermingle religious and feminist ideas are nonsense. There is no way for me to even take this question seriously.

  • No not really.

    Look, I respect women. Women are necessary to reproduction, as are men, and they make up a large part of the world. Women have done great things in the past, though there are very few of them who have accomplished anything worth recording in history, due almost completely to how much child rearing was a part of a woman's life and death rate for child birth and oppression by men.

    This having been said, I do not think that god exists, so my answer is by definition "no". I believe women are great, but I don't believe there is a god to give them as a gift.

  • Women are no more special than men. But apparently the vagina is worth more than the penis even though they are just organs.

    Funny how women can complain they don't like men to say "Men are gods gift to a women", but women can happily say "Women are gods gift to men". In reality women are not any more special than men. What makes them more valuable (Even though they are truly not), is the fact that men give up their sexual urges more than a women. Without sex, women would have no attention, men would not make the first move etc. Nothing. That's the truth ladies. MGTOW (Men going their own way) supporter here btw.

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