• Women are over utilized.

    Yes women are over utilized and undervalued. It has been observed that women really work hard as compared to men. In developing countries they end up carrying out all the manual works. They are not only responsible for the upbringing of the children but also the extreme physical labor is a burden to them. In spite of all of their contribution our societies do not value them much. They are underpaid and overworked. Sometimes they are not paid at all as their contribution is not considered as significant. But this does not hide the fact that they are over utilized.

  • To Feminist yes

    You are only as underutilized as you want to be. Women can get any and I mean any job they want in the U.S.. But despite the lack of women in the military, waste management, mining, fisheries I don't see activist banging down the those doors for jobs. Just sayin. MGTOW

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