• Yes women are undervalued.

    It has been observed that women really work hard as compared to men. In developing countries they end up carrying out all the manual works. They are not only responsible for the upbringing of the children but also the extreme physical labor is a burden to them. In spite of all of their contribution our societies do not value them much. They are underpaid and overworked. Sometimes they are not paid at all as their contribution is not considered as significant.

  • Women are Undervalued in Society

    Women are considered to just stay home cook, Clean the house and take care of their children. This stereotype has to be broken because many women have created items that we use everyday such as windshield wipers, The computer software, The caller ID and caller waiting symbols, The dishwasher and most important of them all - chocolate chip cookies! Women are undervalued in society and I demand a change - men women to be treated equal.

  • Yes, Especially in underdeveloped countries.

    In many 'shanty towns' or 'slums' women cant go to work, and only the male does. Not only is this bad for the women, but also for their family. Because they spend all their time doing housework, they don't actually get jobs or go to work. With girls on the other hand, in those places, people send the boy to school and not the girl. That's why I think that in many places, Girls and women are actually undervalued.

  • Of Course, Yes

    The basic fact that women are paid less for the same job, says everything. There are countless studies showing men get more credit than women on group projects, regardless of who put in the most effort. Men underestimate women's intelligence; another study showed a women would need a 3.7 GPA to be held the same esteem as a man with a 3.0 GPA.

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  • Women are Preferred in today's society

    Due to feminism, Women in the west are very much preferred to men. Boys are taught from a young age in schools that they are 'defective girls' and that they need to suppress their desire to go outside and play and instead force themselves to sit and work which goes against their nature. Women are preferred in hiring for STEM jobs because companies operating in the STEM field are desperate to hire more women. Women now make up 66% of university graduates while male high school dropouts are at a record high in America. The male suicide rate is extremely high and groups trying to solve this issue are called misogynists as it goes against the status quo that women in the west are oppressed. Women usually get custody of children even if they are mentally unstable leaving millions of boys without fathers to nurture them and teach them. A generation of boys is being raised without fathers which will have detrimental effects on society.
    In conclusion, men are the ones who are undervalued.

  • Women are valued

    As much as they want to be. No one can tell you what you are worth, especially in America. I personally blame those infanticizing Women. Usually comes in the form of feminism. Your value in society, man or woman, is determined by what you give back; that can be in the form of bridges or self sufficient offspring.

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