• Women are valued within the workplace.

    Relative to each differing workplace, females are most definitely equally and in some cases more valued than men. With the growth of our economy, it has birthed many new opportunities within a dynamic job world. Many business have realized the beneficial aspects of female staff, and some companies are currently mandating all-female staffs as well.

  • Women are valued in the workplace.

    Yes, women are valued in the workplace. Many companies are beginning to understand the value of a diverse staff, whether it be for real or superficial reasons. In certain fields, different perspectives enable the company to become more innovative and appeal to a larger demographic. There is still a long way to go, but the number of respected professional women (e.g., Hillary Clinton and Sheryl Sandberg) has grown in recent years.

  • Women are not ALWAYS valued in the work place,

    Women are not always valued in the workplace, even though many companies are beginning to value them more, it's not enough. Many women are disrespected (from previous experience I've had male staff cat call, touch me inappropriately and such). Also, females are paid significantly less to do the same job a man does with less training. This is a clear indication that women aren't valued as much as men. Things are getting better now but it's the 21st century and we should be equal!

  • Women aren't valued in the workplace

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