• The feminist movement has become a complete joke.

    Open your eyes, we in no way live in patriarchal society. Women can vote now, they have the right to abortion (which is controversial), they are in the business place. What more do you want? If American feminists truly cared about women's rights they would be advocating for equality in other nations such as the Middle East. When people think of feminism in America, they don't think of Malala Yousafzai, they think of Anita Sarkeesian who is far too busy complaining about the lack of women in video games to talk about the actual issue the world faces. Here in America women are actually treated better than men. In this country a male does not dare hit a woman without discipline. In America men with proper etiquette are taught to open the door for women, to pull out a women's seat, my favorite.... To pick up the bill on a date, to propose with a very expensive ring coming from their own pockets, to buy her flowers on special occasions, e.T.C. If feminists want true equality they must condemn men from such behavior, they must also advocate for women taking part in the draft because that is completely sexist . Now you want to know the reason women are treated better than men? Because women who take part in the position of a traditional mother will work harder in her life time than ANY man. A mother in the traditional role works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 365 days a year, until the child is off to college or where ever he/she decides to do with their life. This of course is without pay. I respect my mother far more than my father because I know she has the tougher role. Nobody is forcing the mother to chose this role and that is why feminism is so flawed. You always see feminists complaining, but they never offer a real solution.

  • Probably she is a hypocrite

    Any women who votes, wants to choose who they marry, wants to choose whether they work outside the home or stay home, wants to drive, wants to study, or wants to have their own bank account and say they are not a feminist is a hypocrite.

    However, if a woman really wants to be the property of her father until marriage, and then be the property of her husband. If a woman really doesn't want to choose whether she works inside vs outside the home. If she really doesn't want to vote or have an education, then I would say that she is right on stating that she is not a feminist.

    A feminist is a person, man or woman, who simply believes that men and women should have an equal roll and an equal choice in society. Taking advantage of that, and they saying you are not someone who values that equality is just insulting.

  • Although I'm a young feminist, I think not.

    Feminism is when women identify themselves equal as men. Not more than nor less than. Based on some research I have done several women have valid reasons (in their case) why they are not feminists. Some say they are not feminists because if a man ( a wealthy one that is) engages in a relationship with her and gave her everything she would be completely fine with that. Meaning he gave her a big house to live in, a fancy car, the latest fashion, with exquisite jewelry and money to money that could never be finished; they would be the happiest women in the world. They would be conpletely fine staying at home while the man works.
    Another reason is some women who are feminists think the traditional gender roles such as a woman staying in the kitchen or staying home with the children while the husband goes out and work, are sexist. In some instances that is true but in the context I am using it is not. There are a lot of feminists out there who are stay at home wifes and/or moms an they chose to do that. Some women choose not to be identified as feminists because of the heavy stereotypes society have placed on them. Society has mixed up traditional and being sexist. And the people of the society who are sexist see feminists as women who are angry at men, unattractive and wild. Because of the heavy stereotypes like this women are even ashamed to speak out in public that they are feminists.

  • To be a hypocrite is to not live up to the standards you yourself set.

    By the very definition of hypocrite, disagreeing with an opinion or not identifying with a group you fundamentally disagree with is a person staying true to their values.

    If you believe feminism by the dictionary definition, then the most you could have is a woman who is working against her own interests from YOUR perspective.

    More importantly, if you ascribe to feminist as a movement and ideology, then not seeing yourself as a feminist means you are not grouping yourself with feminists on other grounds. Personally, looking at feminism throughout history, I can't say that I believe it has really worked effectively to forward the interests of women. Some feminists have, but feminism itself, overall, not so much.

    I would actually reverse the question on OP - is a person a hypocrite if they identify as a feminist, quotes the dictionary definition in one breath, and then follows it up with patriarchy theory, indicating that men are default oppressors and women are default oppressed?

  • What? I don't get this.

    I thought it was feminist s that what everything good that men have but not the bad. Like staying on a sinking ship, opening doors for men. Giving up there seat on the bus. The draft law. Automatic shared custody after divorce. Working 2 jobs and allowing husband to decide whether to stay home, work P/T or full time. Women only gyms. Etc etc.
    Guess I'm confused, I'd say it is with out doubt the other way around.

    Posted by: zoo
  • No, I don't think they are.

    Women who are not feminists are not hypocrites.

    1. Feminism is not synonymous with the word "Women" though Feminism is for women, it is not women. It is a movement for women to have equality. That means, a Feminist label should be worn for the people in the group actively advocating for what feminism does. A woman can be female, and not want to advocate for women, that means she is able to not be a feminist. Her BEING a feminist when she claims not to want to advocate for anything would be hypocritical.

    2. Feminism does not speak on the behalf of all women. Believe it or not, Feminism has consequences and can generate issues for women. Women who see this and advocate for changes that do this may be ok with the fallout, but other women may not be ok with this. This means that Women may not want to be a feminist in this sense because the Feminists are causing them undue hardship they don't desire, or are speaking on their behalf about something they do not agree with. In this scenario, siding with feminism would be hypocritical.

    3. Women can see the label as harmful, whether it is or not is something of a different issue, but if you view something as harmful and thus desire not to take part in it, that does not make you a hypocrite.

    Hypocrites believe in one thing, and actively pursue something that is it's foil. A person who says they're a huge advocate for going green then is found dumping crude oil into a pond would be hypocrite.

    Feminism as a whole movement says a lot of things, and does a lot of things, and sometimes the dictionary doesn't match up too well with the said or done.

    A woman who does not identify as a feminist who carries ideals which support her decision is not a hypocrite.

  • What... Even? No...

    How... No, no, I'll take this question seriously. No. Because every woman has the right to choose what they want themselves to be. Are Americans who don't enlist in the Armed Forces hypocrites? Are Humans that are not Humanitarian hypocrites? No. We all have our own reasons to not do something. It's our right to choose. Why would you be a hypocrite to decide not to do what is generally thought of being done? That isn't hypocritical... Nor even ironic. It's an example of liberty.

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Dilara says2015-11-02T02:57:36.500
Modern feminism is about blaming men for everything instead of taking responsibility for your actions and hating all men. Now a days, in America woman have it better than men.
Whistle203 says2016-01-23T13:47:37.597
That is probably what it is like in first world countries @Dilara but really I wasn't talking about just the first world countries I was talking about everywhere...